4 Vacations Hacks to help you save money

Vacation Hacks

Going on your dream vacation doesn’t have to break the bank or your sanity. With 2020 going the way it is, chances are all of us could use some time off.

All too often folks stress about how much money they have to spend when going on holiday. Something which is rather ironic as vacations are supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation.

Being frugal on vacation doesn’t mean skimping out on enjoying yourself. In fact, carefully planning your holiday comes with a variety of benefits.

Firstly, you’ll enjoy yourself much more when you’re not keeping an eye on every dollar being spent. This allows you to spend your time and energy enjoying your vacation to the fullest extent.

So if you’re ready for some rest and relaxation, read on as we show you how you can go on vacation without breaking the bank.

#1: Go local

The COVID-19 situation has all but made it impossible to go on vacation overseas. With travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines in place, tourists have no choice but to holiday domestically.

Furthermore, with several countries reporting a third wave of infections, you’d be better off travelling domestic lest you end up stranded in a foreign country.

Doom and gloom aside, now is the perfect opportunity for you to go on a local holiday.

As most countries are looking to restart their economies, most hotels and businesses would be looking to attract customers. Hence, you’ll likely be able to enjoy attractive rates on hotel rooms and resorts.

This means that you’ll likely be able to enjoy luxurious accommodations at lower than normal market rates. Besides the affordability of it all, you’ll be supporting your local economy and potentially discovering something new about your country.

#2: Save up

It goes without saying that going on a holiday can be expensive. However, by planning ahead and saving up, you’ll be able to enjoy your time off that much more. 

Saving up for a holiday allows you to budget and plan out your expenses in advance which prevents overspending. Organizing your finances for a holiday will also go a long way towards reducing any stress that you may have.

After all, how can you enjoy yourself when you and your significant other are fighting over how much has been spent.

#3: Set price alerts

The best opportunities come to those who are willing to go the extra mile. Hotels sometimes offer last-minute rate drops on rooms which can help you save a tidy sum when travelling. 

However, you can’t always be prowling websites waiting for the latest deals. That’s both impossible and extremely boring.

Instead, consider setting-up alerts that will notify you when there is a sudden change in prices. Imagine if you got an alert from TwinSpires.com every time a Kentucky Derby horse gets higher or lower in the odds? Alerts help you to be aware of any opportunity and be quicker than anyone else. Set up the alerts for Booking.com, Ryanair and other traveling companies and you will quickly pounce on any opportunity that comes along.

#4: Enjoy the complimentary breakfast

For a few extra bucks, most hotels will usually comp you and your partner a free breakfast. Whether you’re travelling as a couple or with family, the complimentary breakfast is a great way to get fed.

The buffet spread allows you to eat to your heart’s content and the quality of food is usually quite impressive. From pastries to scrambled eggs, you’ll be surprised how filling the breakfast spread can really be.

Remember that you’ll be likely saving on the cost of a meal outside when enjoying your complimentary breakfast. How’s that for value?

Going on holiday should never be a chore or a burden. But ensuring that things go smoothly can be hard work. However, it will surely pay off in memories and great times together with loved ones.

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