5 New CBD Products to Work Into Your Daily Routine

5 New CBD Products to Work Into Your Daily Routine

According to recent studies, over 14% of Americans use at least one type of CBD product. From sleep aids to muscle relaxers, this ingredient can be infused into many different natural healing solutions. Due to their wide array of benefits, these products can be used on an everyday basis. It is important that you utilize well-researched products that are designed to achieve specific goals. In this article, we will share five new CBD products that are beneficial to work into your daily routine.

1. Skincare Products

Skincare products that are infused with CBD are now flooding the market. From high-end to budget brands, many companies have a line of infused solutions. Most commonly, brands are designing high-end CBD for dry skin. People commonly use these products to heal dry skin, overly oily surfaces, and inflamed areas. Look out for products that have adequate potency and viable ingredients. By simply using these products in the morning or evening, you will experience a multitude of benefits.

2. Workout Protein Powder

In recent months, reputable brands have begun developing infused protein powders. In most cases, these powders are plant-based or filled with grass-fed protein sources. When you use protein powder prior to your workout, you will likely feel more mobility in your muscles and joints. After you work out, these powders can be used to expedite the healing process. Either way, CBD can help subsidize protein to enhance benefits. You can experiment with this powder by using it before or after your regular workout routine.

3. Pet Treats

Similar to humans, animals can enhance the quality of their life by consuming CBD regularly. In most cases, dog treats are infused with these products and fed to pets to achieve specific benefits. Since many dogs are relatively small, you must ensure that you moderate the amount of CBD that you give them. If your animal is prone to pain or seizures, this ingredient can help balance its system and heal its pain.

4. Tincture for Better Sleep

When CBD products first hit the market, they were primarily designed to be used as sleep aid. Since this ingredient relaxes your muscles, it can help the muscles in your brain and body relax when it is time for bed. Many people use this product as a natural substitute for other sleep aids. You can inject CBD using a tincture right before bedtime in order to relax your muscles and your mind.

5. Hydrating With Sparkling Water

In some cases, it is better to hydrate your body with products other than water. Most commonly, people consume this type of sparkling water to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. Since the THC levels are so low, people will drink this type of water throughout the day to achieve maximum benefits. Thankfully, CBD-infused sparkling water can be purchased at mainstream grocery stores across the country.


CBD-infused products are sweeping the market. There are many research-driven products that are proven to help heal common ailments such as anxiety, inflammation, and sleep deprivation. From protein powders to skin moisturizers, you can integrate small levels of CBD into your everyday products to achieve maximum results and increased comfort.

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