Ashton Meem: Bio, Age, Net Worth & Russel Wilson’s Ex-Wife

Ashton Meem is known for being Russel Wilson’s Ex-Wife, a Super Bowl Champion, and leader of the Seattle Seahawks. Ashton earned her fame because of being in a relationship with Russel Wilson, and more commonly known as “Russel Wilson’s Ex-Wife”, and not by her own name.

Her Ex-husband is the highest-paid player in NFL, they started dating in high school, and got married when Russell Wilson made it pro. Although, this marriage did not last long. According to some reports, Ashton cheated on her Ex-husband which resulted in a divorce.

       Continue reading to find out more about Ashton Meem and whom she cheated with.

Ashton Meem

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Before we continue with that, here’s a summary of her profile:

NameAshton Meem
Age32 years
DOBSeptember 6, 1987
Place of birthRichmond, Virginia (USA)
Ex-husbandRussell Wilson (January 2012 – April 2014)
ParentsMolly Meem, Lang Meem
Zodiac SignVirgo
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
ProfessionAdvertising Operations Assistant
Net WorthAround $4 million

Ashton Meem – Early Life & Career:

Ashton Meem is currently 32 years old and was born on September 6th, 1987. She was born in Richmond, Virginia, in the U.S. Her Father is Lang Meem, and her mother is Molly Meem. She went to St. Catherine High School, the oldest girls-only educational institute. 

After graduating from high school, Ashton attended the University of Georgia but later transferred to North Carolina because of her boyfriend at that time, Russel Wilson. She graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Communications in the year 2010, and soon after, undertook an internship at Lewis Partners and McKinney in media marketing. 

After that, she worked as an art consultant, and was later recruited by the American Family Insurance company to work as an Advertising Operations Assistant, and holds the position to this day.

Ashton Meem – Relationship with Russel Williams:

The now-divorced couple first met in high school and instantly fell in love with each other. Both of them went to separate Universities after high school but maintained a long-distance relationship with each other. After some time, she left her University to enroll in North Carolina State University, where Russell was studying at the time.

After graduating, the couple were engaged in August 2010 and were married on 14th January 2012 at the Country Club of Virginia. Although, as you know, this marriage only lasted for 2 years. For what it’s worth, here’s a little about their wedding:

The entire wedding was planned by Ashton, as she was even an event planner, something she enjoyed more than her media career. She even opened her own boutique wedding planning company and organized her wedding in such a way that every aspect was within her tastes and preferences.

On their wedding day, Russel wore an expensive designer suit while Ashton chose an elegant J. Crew Bridal gown in NYC. There were about 300 guests at the wedding, and a total of nine groomsmen and bridesmaids, all dressed to the occasion. Their marriage later ended because Ashton cheated on Russel with Golden Tate, a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks.

That can’t be said for sure as Ashton has denied all claims, and there’s not much proof out there. Russell hasn’t commented on the matter and decided to keep the matter private.

Russell’s team, Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl XLVIII a few months prior to their divorce.

Ashton Meem Relationship with Russel Williams

Ashton Meem – Where is she now?

There’s not much known about Ashton Meem’s whereabouts as she cut all ties with the media, and decided to lead a normal life. After their divorce, Ashton went completely “underground” and stopped appearing in the media.

However, we do know a little about her ex-husband’s relationship. He started dating Ciara, a year after the divorce, and their first picture together was during the Barack Obama meeting in 2015 and was taken at the White House. They were engaged for four months and were married in July 2016. Ciara later gave birth to a baby girl in April 2017.

The girl was named Sienna Princess. Ashton received some backlash after her ex-husband’s engagement to Ciara, uploaded a picture of her old engagement ring and made it her Twitter profile.

Ashton Meem – Net Worth:

Ashton Meem first worked at Lewis Partners and McKinney in media marketing and was later recruited by the American Family Insurance company to work as an Advertising Operations Assistant. She works at the American Family Insurance company to this day and has a total net worth of about $4 million.

Ashton Meem – Conclusion:

Ashton Meem is currently leading a single life as Advertising Operations Assistant at the American Family Insurance company. She’s cut all her ties from Hollywood and is leading a normal life.

This article has gone through everything you need to know about Ashton Meem, and we hope it clears up all your questions about her.

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