Beginner’s Guide to Selling a Home

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a house you’ve spent a lot of time at and built a lot of memories in. Want to make the process go as quickly, smoothly, and profitably as possible? Here are a few helpful tips.

Research the Local Market

The real estate market is a slippery thing, hard for newbies to get a good grip on. It pays, then, to prepare yourself by researching your local market as much as possible. Find out how many other houses in the area are currently for sale and how much they’re selling for.

There are numerous market factors that affect property values, such as the time of year, the local crime rate, the job market, the regional economy, and more. By doing research beforehand, you reduce your chance of trying to sell at the wrong time.

Consider Hiring an Agent

Employing a real estate agent to help sell your home is by no means something you absolutely have to do. There are plenty of homeowners who have successfully sold their properties without any help, and in doing so have saved themselves the cost of an agent’s commission.

Unless you’re extremely confident about your abilities to sell your home solo, however, it’s worth at least considering working with an agent. Despite the cost, an agent increases your chance of selling at a higher price, thanks to the experience, contacts, resources, and sales tools at their disposal.

Decide on an Asking Price

Setting the right asking prices relies heavily on the market research described earlier. If your local market is hot, you may be able to set a higher price. If your local market is struggling, you may be forced to ask for less than you’d like, or else risk not making any sale at all.

Don’t forget to take into account the price of closing costs, by the way, such as transfer tax and title insurance. A good way to save on such things is to consult a seller closing costs calculator online, then readjust your asking price to accommodate such expenditures.

Stage & Photo the House

First impressions matter, especially when you’re putting a house up for sale. Staging your house so that it looks its best and taking photographs that entice potential buyers are both crucial to drawing people in. That means cleaning, decluttering, repairing, and reorganizing.

That goes just as much for the outside of a home as the inside, for the record. Improve your home’s curb appeal by making sure the lawn is maintained and freshening up the outer façade by applying a new coat of paint, replacing the mailbox, installing a porch light, or planting a few flowers..

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