Best High Tech Vaporizers

When it comes to the modern, on-the-go stoner, a quality vaporizer is a must-have smoking accessory. Vapes and dab pens offer convenience, portability, stealth, and amazing vapor quality that rivals traditional smoking methods. The best vaporizers use state-of-the-art heating technology made from medical-grade materials all packed into a pint-sized device for an enhanced smoking experience. To keep up with consumers’ active lifestyles and needs, engineers and product designers are continually innovating new high-tech vapes, features, and accessories. Today, there are 2-in-1 and even 3-in-1 vapes that are compatible with CBD or THC vape cartridges, dry herbs, and concentrates like wax, or a combination. Choosing a vaporizer or portable e-rig depends on your needs, style, and smoking preferences. Key factors to note when selecting a vape include the vapor quantity and quality, materials used in the airway, heating method, battery life, heat-up time, warranty, and the type of smoking material the device is compatible with (e.g. THC liquid, extracts, flower, etc.).

Best High Tech Vaporizers

Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Taking giant rips from the iconic Volcano vape is still a rite of passage for every stoner, but the latest from the German brand gives the classic a high-tech upgrade. The Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid still has a medical-grade distinction, valve balloon, and slick conical design, however now it’s possible to control the temperature, air, and other settings remotely via a smartphone app. With a faster heat-up time and a second rotational tube to smoke out of instead of the balloon, this upgraded version is still the absolute best desktop vaporizer on the market.

Firefly 2+

While not the smallest of portable vapes, the Firefly 2+ is praised by marijuana enthusiasts for its amazing vapor quality and unrivaled flavor. This vape pen is compatible with flowers or extracts and uses a superior convection technology that utilizes every last piece of your precious smoking material. Unlike other products, this vape heats up and cools down with each inhale, plus this latest iteration has a 33% increase in airflow (one of the main issues of the older model). The near-instant heat-up time and phenomenal plumes of vapor make this 2-in-1 vape a major contender.

Storz and Bickel Mighty

The Mighty is another top-of-the-line vape from the renowned German brand, but this time it can fit in your backpack when you hit the road. Using a patented technology of convection and conduction heating, this portable vaporizer packs a mighty punch as its name suggests. Whether using dry herbs or concentrates, the Storz and Bickel Mighty delivers lots of vapor on each draw from the foldaway mouthpiece. With its long battery life and durable materials, this vape is the perfect travel companion for outdoor adventures.

Grenco Science G Pen Roam

This innovative portable concentrate vaporizer is one of the few products that employ a spill-proof design so dabbers can enjoy the filtration power of water without having to worry about destroying their device. A durable aluminum alloy shell protects the spill-proof borosilicate glass hydro tube and quartz tank from drops. This vape can heat concentrates up to 800° F in seconds using a rapid charge 1300mAh lithium-ion battery. Vapes require quite a bit of cleaning to get the most out of the device. The G Pen Roam has a removable silicone mouthpiece and fully comes apart so cleaning is a cinch. If you want the comfortable dabs achieved by water filtration and also be able to take your vape on the go, then choose the Grenco Science G Pen Roam.

Kandypens Oura

The Kandypens Oura is one of the most highly sought-after portable dab rigs, and for good reason, so good luck getting your hands on one. The award-winning vape is preset with four temperature settings with a maximum of 1090°F, one of the highest out there. Stoners particularly enjoy the sesh mode and automatic shut-off, which saves battery life when accidentally left on and not in use. If an accident happens, it’s easy to find replacement parts or additional accessories.

Pax 3

Best High Tech Vaporizers

Pax Labs has been a forerunner in the vape game since they introduced their original vape pen back in 2012. Known for their sleek and streamlined design, often compared to the aesthetics of Apple products, the Pax vapes don’t fail to impress. The Pax 3 is the most recent iteration and can be used with dry herbs or concentrates like wax thanks to a special insert. Though not known for producing the best-tasting vapor, the portable size, elegant design, and quick charging time easily make up for it. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and engineering went into the creation of the Pax 3. From the silicone mouthpiece which acts as the device’s sole button, to the magnetic charging cradle, this vape pen is extremely well made.

Runners up:

  • Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Puffco Peak
  • Focus V Carta
  • Kandypens Rubi
  • Pax Era

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