Cocktails You Have to Try

Cocktails You Have to Try

Everyone who likes drinking loves a good cocktail. And making a good cocktail is nothing short of art. One needs to have a real understanding of the combination of spirits and which fruit juice goes with which other ingredient. This requires a real sense of taste and the nuances that only someone with a lot of experience can understand.

#1: Blood and Sand

It’s no surprise then that the real bartenders who work at bars and casinos have a loyal clientele who sometimes only come to taste their cocktails. Sipping on a good cocktail is almost like setting off a chain reaction of senses that starts from the minute you hold the cocktail in your hands, to sipping and the taste blooming in your mouth to the spirit hitting your brain. It’s almost comparable to this list of cool chain reactions.

There are hundreds of cocktails out there and many bars worth their salt usually have their own signature cocktail. There are also many standard cocktails that everyone must try. We have a list of cocktails that we hope you have tried. If you haven’t then don’t let anything or anyone stop you.

This cocktail was made in the honor of a film by the same name which came out in 1920. This makes this cocktail 100 years old and yet it’s refreshing and an absolute classic. It’s made with Scotch, Cherry Heering, and orange juice.

#2: Irish Coffe

Irish Coffe

This famous cocktail was made sometime in the 1940s. The ideal Irish coffee has whisky, cream, sugar, and coffee. If this delicious cocktail doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.

#3: Old Cuban

This is a great cocktail that’s almost similar to a Mojito. Invented first in New York City, the Old Cuban has rum, lime, and mint left with a little bit of champagne.

#4: Sidecar

Finally, a popular cocktail that features brandy. The Sidecar has brandy, lemon, and triple sec. It’s supposedly one of the most ordered cocktails in the world.

#5: Cosmopolitan

If you have watched Sex and the City, you know what a Cosmopolitan is. It’s a really 90s drink that exudes urban feminine charm. This one has vodka, triple sec, cranberry, and lime juice.

#6: Bloody Mary

A good Bloody Mary can change your day. Especially if you have it outdoors during the day. A combination of vodka, tomato juice, and select spices makes the Bloody Mary one of the world’s most beloved cocktails ever. You have to be really careful about the ingredients and even choosing the right salt makes a lot of difference as mentioned in this article here.

#7: Tom Collins

There’s probably nothing simpler than a Tom Collins. It is gin, lemon, and soda, which probably makes it a sort of lemonade for adults.

#8: Pina Colada

This will always remind you of Puerto Rico in the 1970s. The weather is fine, the wind is blowing and the waves are just perfect. The world-famous Pina Colada features the perfect combination of white rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice.

Some other cocktails to consider are White Russian, Sex on the Beach, and Whiskey Sour. Remember to get a designated driver or call an Uber after you down a few of these.

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