Each standard size drink always contains

Like many people, you may probably be wondering what each standard size drink always contains. Most people get surprised whenever they learn what really counts as a drink. Is it the amount of liquid in your bottle, can or glass? Certainly not. The amount of liquid in that glass doesn’t necessarily match up to the actual amount of alcohol in your drink. Different types of wine, malt liquor or beer can have varying amounts of alcohol content. For instance, what many consider as light beer may have the same alcohol content as regular beer – at least in 85 percent of cases.

The Standard Drink

Regular beer has five percent alcohol content while most light beers have 4.2 percent alcohol content. That’s why you should strive to know the alcoholic content of your drink before you take your first sip. In the US, a standard drink has 14g of alcohol. A standard drink is sometimes referred to as one alcoholic drink equivalent. 14g of pure alcohol can be found in the following:

  1. Twelve ounces of regular beer, usually with an alcoholic content of about five percent.
  2. Five ounces of wine, usually with a twelve percent alcoholic content
  3. One-and-a-half ounces of distilled spirits, usually about 40 percent alcoholic content
Each standard size drink always contains
Each standard size drink always contains

How Do You Tell How Much Alcohol You Drink Contains?

They may come in various sizes and shapes, but each drink portrayed above is one standard drink, also known as one alcoholic drink equivalent. In the US, a standard drink is any beverage that contains 14g of pure alcohol or 0.6fl oz. the pure alcohol percentage is mostly expressed as alc/vol (which means alcohol by volume). This may vary depending on the type of beverage. Although standard drink amounts may help you follow the recommended health guidelines, they in most cases fail to reflect customary serving sizes.

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