Easy Tips to Make Your Burgundy Wine Tour an Absolute Success

Burgundy is famous for its exquisite burgundy wines, as well as chardonnays, pinot noirs, Beaujolais, and Chablis.  The complexity, intensity, and richness of the wines from this region speak for themselves. It truly is every wine enthusiast’s dream destination for a wine tour.   If you are, jump on the chance to join burgundy wine tours whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As a lover of all things wine and wine culture, you can get the most out of your tour of Burgundy with the following tips

1. Don’t go at It, Solo

One of the things that stand out about the Burgundian wine culture is that it’s kept a little more secretive than what you may have experienced elsewhere in France, and other parts of the world. That the wine culture and wine-making secrets are so jealously guarded is one of the things that make wine tours around the region so special.

It is indeed true that you can rent a vehicle and go around some wineries on your own. However, most of the major estates and some of the smaller, family-owned vineyards and cellars are not generally open to the public. Try going at it on your own and you’ll be disappointed when you come to this class of wineries.

It’s therefore important to get a guide and maybe join a tour group. The guide can use their connections to plan exceptional private tours of these cellars and vineyards so very well kept away from the public.

2. Explore the Countryside

The countryside cellars and vineyards in the countryside are only accessible by car. Most first-timers and novices skip going around the countryside, and instead, confine their tour to Beaune, which remains the capital of wine-making in Burgundy.

Deep in the countryside are the less-known cellars and vineyards. Some of these estates are a well-kept secret that you will only discover by going to the countryside with a professional guide. You can be sure there is so much more in store for you there. Additionally, venturing into the countryside will allow you to have a broader understanding of the diverse region. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore these gems of vineyards and interact with the vintners.

3. Pace Yourself

Trying to see it all, and taste it all within one trip will only water down the experience for you. It’s easy to understand you want to taste just about every Burgundian wine you can find, but you have to pace yourself, especially if yours is a very short tour.

It takes time to really savor the wines and catch that marvelous taste. Rushing from one cellar to the next, and trying to have the decanter show you everything they have at once will most definitely allow you to do that. Again, you may not be able to properly savor the flavor and taste of the different wines when you are doing so many at once.

Instead of a single day or two days, plan for a 4-5 day wine tour. This should be more than enough time to experience fully what each stop has to offer.   You will not be in a rush and can engage the passionate winemakers about anything and everything to do with wine. The French do have a way of life revolving around taking time, so you best do that, for a more remarkable experience on your tour of Burgundy.

4. Make Your Trip About More than Just the Wine

No doubt about it, it is the wine and wine culture that brings so many from different parts of the country and the world to Burgundy. But there is so much more than the area has to offer away from the vineyards and wine cellars.

Your trip will definitely be more fulfilling and truly exceptional if you took a wholesome approach to it. Make cultural exploration a part of your trip. Discover what beautiful sights and sounds Burgundy has to offer while you are on your tour. Have a taste of the local food and experience fine local dining at its best. You’d be surprised by how much insights into the area’s winemaking this deliberate exploration of Burgundy will give you. In the end, it will only add to your experience. 

For a little extra, your wine tour guide will be more than happy to show you around away from the wine-making estates. If not, they can always point you in the direction of someone who can do a better job of it.

Bottom Line

A Burgundy wine tour is sure to be a hit. Keep in mind the helpful tips outlined above, and you can confidently look forward to a truly magical experience of tasting great wine and seeing equally magical sights.  Get a guide, don’t be in a rush, and venture into the countryside.

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