Facts of Beer Tree and How to Find It

A very popular brewery is the Beer Tree Brew Co. It is not a very old brewery but has already made its significance in the alcohol market. The company was established in October 2017 and has expanded its offerings beyond its initial original lineup. It has many outlets that carry beer and those outlets have also grown in recent years. 

Beer Tree

Where is the Beer tree located?

Beer Tree is located at Port Crane which is 88 northeast of Birmingham. The company has self-distributors of bars and beer bottles in the Birmingham area and across New York. You can get beer cans weekly in the Syracuse area.

The head brewer and partner of this company is Brendan Harder. He started as a homebrewer and gradually opened this big beer brand. Harder’s father-in-law was the main owner of this brewery. Beer tree also organizes local beer festivals where you can get their authentic brews which are not easily available in the market. 

How is Beer tree?

The Beer Tree Brew Co. is quite a reputed beer company in America. It is located in Birmingham and has a huge customer base all over the country. It is even popular outside the specific county of its headquarters. Brenden Harder is one of the partners of this brewery and is also the head brewer. His father-in-law established this brewery back in 2017which means it is not a very old business. Branded Harder joined the business as a partner and head chef. But before that, he used to work as a home brewer.

Beer Tree

What are the popular drinks of Beer Tree?

There are many popular drinks produced by Beer Tree but we will talk about a few drinks in this article. We will discuss the drinks which are considered signature drinks of Beer trees. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about Double Pineapple Creamsicle, Dream Forest, and Slightly Fuzzy.

How is the Double Pineapple Creamsicle by Beer Tree?

The double pineapple creamsicle is a beer of New England IPA style. The alcohol content within the drink is 8.8%. If you go for the looks, it is not as enticing or attractive. It looks muddy, pale, and thick. The bottle of the drink has a finger-wide fluffy head. There is a hint of pineapple and orange smell. It is aromatic, juicy, and sweet.

Beer Tree

When you take a sip through it, you’ll first taste the orange which will gradually turn into the creamy pineapple texture. There will be a burst of flavors in your mouth where you may feel the hint of vanilla ice cream. In the end, there is a pungent flavor of pineapple. The texture and feel of the drink are a little boozily warm. It is slightly heavy and creamy. If we go with the name, there is indeed a good balance of pineapple and vanilla flavors. Many find it too sweet but it is the best option for sweet-toothed people. 

How is the Dream Forest by Beer tree?

Dream Forest is a New England IPA-style beer that contains 7.1% alcohol. The look of the beer is brassy and thick with a sudsy head. There is a hint of citrus mixed with pine in the aroma of the beer. You’ll get a ton of lemon and orange flavors in this beer category. But the taste is consistent and does not deviate much in the process. The texture of the beer is creamy with a moderate body. It is a very well-made New England IPA.

Slightly Fuzzy is manufactured by Beer Tree

Slightly Fuzzy is a Berliner Weisse-style beer with 4.5% alcohol in it. The color of the beer is crimson-amber. It tastes somewhat like a mix of cranberry juice with ginger. The thick foam on the top disappears quickly and it is a little carbonated. The aroma has a hint of berries and citrus. The lime sour taste is pretty overpowering from start to finish. There is an entry of tart cherry in the middle but it does not have a very hard impact on the taste. The texture of the drink is thin and watery. It is a light and sour beer. 

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