Fallout New Vegas DLC Order: The exact order

Fallout new vegas dlc order

Fallout New Vegas is direct regarding the DLC’s order. You can technically play them in any order because the story opens up as you play them in the order they are released. All DLCs have many items that you must collect and stats you need for dialogues. All four-level suggestions of the DLs are:

  • Dead Money 
  • Honest Hearts 
  • Old World Blues
  • Lonesome Road 

For the DLC to be operational, the original game of Fallout New Vegas is necessary. The organic deal requires you to work alongside three captured Westlands targeting to recover the prize of Sierra Madre Casino. 

In the dead money, your lifestyle hangs in the stability as you face new surfaces, enemies, and choices. All decisions are in your hands as you play your credit cards in pursuit of survival. Follow the order below for level suggestions as they will depend on the level.

Fallout New Vegas DLC order

You can play the game in any order, but the difficulty scales as the DLC goes on. It is easier to do the earlier ones in the beginning, although there will be room for different moves.

  1. Dead Money 

Unlike all the other three, you cannot go back to Dead Money once you are done with them. Ensure that you have high-level stats before you begin to enable you to get everything you need before you finish. After the introduction to harsh environments, you need stealth perks to help you survive. 

  1. Honest Hearts 

It is mainly independent of the main adversaries linked to the antagonist of Lonesome Road. However, you don’t find out in this dialogue. It is not essential now. Honest Hearts is much more comfortable with its share of high-level dialogue. You will find plenty of ranger outposts to acquire ammo, weapons, and caves with traps.  

  1. Old World Blues 

Here you find many hints toward Lonesome Road. Take this on after Dead money as some items you find here will only make sense if you have gone through Dead money. Also, it is difficult because you will be dealing with many high-level enemies. 

With that in mind, it is also the easiest DLC to arrive at as it provides decent equipment early enough. Old World Blues has many laser weapons and some good melee weapons and guns too. However, this will only happen if you play it before Lonesome Road. 

  1. Lonesome Road 

Being the end of the DLC chain and show, the enemies are quite tricky. Some challenge areas are almost impossible for low-level players to complete. Towards the end game, there are rewards all over the place, and playing it earlier might spoil the other DLC. The enemies are advantaged by potent weapons and 100 lockpicking skills to open plenty of the buildings.

Fallout New Vegas Secrets

  1. You rarely run into an invisible wall as the game will not mostly say, “No, you can’t go here!” You will be redirected to avoid falling off the edge of the map border. And, you will not realize it because you will be distracted with stuff to look at. Once you come out on the other side facing Nipton, you may know you have been turned away from the edge.
  2. During your adventure through Freeside either by bad or good luck, you might be attacked by elderly thugs called Maud’s muggers. Not many people are aware of this, but now you do.
  3. You can find a box of grenades that are similar to fragment grenades, but they are painted with a white cross on them. They are in the eastern part of Camp Searchlight in a basement with two golden Geckos. You need a good reason to obtain three of these grenades. The grenade looks and acts like a normal one, but when you throw one, it detonates, causing massive damage like a Mini nuke.
  4. Across the wasteland, you will find Darts randomly, a weapon that will cripple anything it hits by the legs. 
  5. In the legion encampment, find a slave child called Melody. Don’t overlook the brahmin pen like most people. She will request that you get her teddy that has been stolen by the dog trainer, Antony. Her hesitance to answer any questions is a clear indicator that the Legion does not treat her like anything!


You can follow Fallout’s new vegas DLC order to do these DLCs depending on your level. For a character with a high level of 25 or higher, do them in any order as there will be no foreseeable difficulties. After making a new character, follow through the DLCs as you progress through the level suggestions.

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