Fassionola – the secret Tiki syrup

Fassionola is a lesser-known Tiki syrup that has been a secret ingredient among Tiki enthusiasts for years. It is a unique syrup that is made from a blend of tropical fruits, spices, and natural cane sugar. Fassionola is used in a variety of Tiki cocktails, where it adds a flavor profile that is both sweet and tangy, with a tropical fruity taste that is hard to resist.

Fassionola was originally created by the John D. Taylor company, which was a rum and cocktail syrup manufacturer that was founded in Jamaica in 1890. The company created Fassionola as a syrup that could be used to provide a fruity flavor and bright red color to cocktails. The syrup was initially used in Caribbean and Tiki-style drinks, and it quickly became a favorite among bartenders and Tiki enthusiasts.

1. What about the original recipe?


The original Fassionola recipe is a closely guarded secret, and only a few people know the exact formula. However, it is speculated that the syrup is made from a blend of passion fruit, strawberry, and hibiscus, with added spices and natural cane sugar to enhance its flavor profile. The resulting syrup has a unique taste that is both sweet and tangy, with a hint of spice and a tropical fruity flavor.

Fassionola is most commonly used in Tiki cocktails, where it is used to add a sweet and fruity flavor to the drink. Some of the most famous Tiki cocktails that use Fassionola include the Hurricane, the Zombie, and the Jet Pilot. In addition to its use in cocktails, Fassionola can also be used to make non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies, and even desserts.

2. Treasured by the Tiki community;

Although Fassionola is not as well-known as other Tiki syrups such as Orgeat and Falernum, it is treasured by those in the Tiki community who know its value. The syrup has a unique flavor profile that is hard to replicate, and it adds a special touch to any Tiki-style drink. It is also a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of other drinks and desserts, making it a favorite among bartenders and mixologists.

3. Started to gain more recognition;

In recent years, Fassionola has started to gain more recognition among cocktail enthusiasts, and a few small-batch producers have started to create their own version of the syrup. These artisanal Fassionola syrups are made from high-quality ingredients and are often more expensive than the mass-produced syrups that can be found in some liquor stores. However, many Tiki enthusiasts believe that the flavor of the artisanal Fassionola syrups is worth the extra cost.


Fassionola is a secret Tiki syrup that has been treasured among Tiki enthusiasts for years. It is a unique syrup that is made from a blend of tropical fruits, spices, and natural cane sugar, and it adds a sweet and tangy flavor to Tiki-style drinks. Although the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, the syrup’s popularity continues to grow, and it is now being produced by a few small-batch producers. Fassionola is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of other drinks and desserts and is a must-have ingredient for any serious Tiki enthusiast.

4. An Exotic Drink;

Fassionola is a one-of-a-kind and exotic Tiki syrup that has remained a secret to many for over a century. Its origin in New Orleans speaks to its rich history and the cultural influence that helped shape it. Fassionola’s versatility and unique flavor profile are what make it an ingredient in many classic Tiki cocktails, such as the Hurricane, the Suffering Bastard, the Mai Tai, and the Zombie, among others. 

Despite its eventual disappearance from the markets and the production of other similar syrups to replace it, true Tiki cocktail enthusiasts understand that nothing compares to the original Fassionola. Its popularity has recently resurfaced thanks to the Tiki revival movement and the efforts of those interested in reviving and preserving Tiki culture.

The story of Fassionola may seem insignificant to some, but it is a testament to the innovation, creativity, and perseverance of those who refused to let it disappear into obscurity. It also reflects the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage, whether through food, drink, or any other form of expression.


cocktail fassionola

In the end, Fassionola is not just a syrup but a part of history and culture that deserves recognition and preservation. Its rediscovery and revival in modern Tiki culture are a reminder of the magic and allure of Tiki, which continues to inspire generations to this day. Whether you are an aspiring bartender or an aficionado of all things Tiki, Fassionola is a must-try addition to your Tiki arsenal.

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