Flor de Caña – Things you should know about Flor de Caña

Flor de Caña is a Nicaraguan award-winning super-premium rum brand entirely run by a single family for over 130 years. The rum is aged without sugar, additives, or any artificial ingredients. The brand is unique because it is enriched by an active volcano then distilled under renewable energy. 

In 2017, it was awarded for the best rum producer Worldwide at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, and it is available in over 40 countries within five continents. 

The rum brand is committed to excellence, the well-being of its workers, and the community by taking care of the environment. The premium rum took the lead in more than one way. It was among the first brands to be certified for Fair Trade because the production process is compliant with more than 300 social, environmental, and labour regulations.

Flor de Cana rum

The History of Flor de Caña

The founder of this premium brand Alfredo Francisco Pellas Canessa is an Italian. He created a steamboat in 1875 from the Atlantic through Nicaragua to the Pacific, and his destiny changed.  

Nicaraguan is full of natural beauty like clean, freshwater lakes, a fertile jungle, and a lot of sugarcane, and it might have influenced him to start the rum business. In 1890, a distillery was established at San Cristobal, the highest and most active volcano in Nicaragua, which enriched the rum.

Things you should know about Flor de Caña

The Volcanic Soil is the Secret

It might sound unhealthy living or putting up a shop under an active volcano, but Flor de Cana’s flavour is unique because of the volcanic soil. The ash in the soil makes it fertile for molasses. The soil is full of minerals, which further enrich the water dissolving into the underground for ages, which in the end, sculpt the vital ingredients to classic rum.

The microclimate around San Cristóbal is also a considerable influence on how the premium brand matures in high temperatures and humidity. These conditions make the dynamic interaction between barrels and rum to a higher rate of evaporation. All these circumstances come together to create a rich, sophisticated rum aged between four to twenty-five years. 

Renewable energy

Flor de Caña is distilled using 100% renewable energy hence recycling all the carbon dioxide emitted during fermentation. Renewable energy is from biomass. The leftover residue from squeezed sugarcane is known as bagasse. It then burned to produce steam that powers a turbine to produce electricity. The excess energy produced is directed to the country’s national network.

Free healthcare and education

All the company workers were introduced to a program that offers free healthcare to their employees and families in 1913. Also, there is another program offering free education to employees’ children.

Tree Planting and Environment Conservation 

Each year in Nicaragua since 2005, the company plants 50,000 trees, which adds up to 700,000 trees to date around the distillery. The effort is geared towards conserving wildlife and water resources and the San Cristobal Volcano’s natural reserve.

Tree planting and environment conservation

Community donations

Flor de Caña is the primary donor to APROQUEN for thirty years. It is a Nicaraguan non-profit organization that offers free medical services to burn victims and children challenged with cleft lips or palates, and over 600,000 have benefitted. They are also strong supporters of the American Nicaraguan Foundation, another non-profit organization that aims to alleviate poverty in the most vulnerable Nicaraguan population.

Fair-trade certified

For the company to sustain commitment practices to the community and its workers, their goals are beyond themselves. As a result of the company’s commitment, Flor de Caña was recently certified by Fair Trade-certified, meaning that the rum is produced under rigorous labour standards. Also, this is an assurance to consumers that they are consuming the best rum nature can offer.

Best for Cocktails

The rum is gentle to sip and is flexible for cocktail making as it has a wide range of flavour profiles like crisp dry and creamy and toffee. Bartenders who understand the art of cocktail making can do their best with this rum.



Ultimately, the Flor de Caña that is bottled is as good as the ingredients, and it is precisely what you pour into a glass. Made from volcano-enriched molasses, the rum is safeguarded throughout production to maintain the same quality.

The rum ages naturally in small white oak premium bourbon barrels covered with Nicaraguan plantain leaves. There are no accelerants added, which is a significant promise to keep in a largescale distiller. The company sets the bar for other international distillers to conserve the environment, commit to social responsibility, and foster good working relations with employees.

The rum is available online for imbibers who desire to have the volcanic inspired spirit. Although rum is typically a global spirit, this one is unique in so many ways, and it does not come easy!

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