How can you keep your identity safe online?

In the present digital time, hackers are getting ample opportunity to steal away the data. It can be some harassers or intruders who are waiting to seek into your privacy online. Do you want to stay safe from the cybercriminals attack? Often, people are worried about the safety of online presence. People think to set up an anonymous blog to keep their identity protected. Or it can be the anonymous blog platforms which ensure user about identity protection.

Unluckily, some people believe that being online is something similar to reality. Though, the risks associated with online presence are much more than reality. It becomes a concern for people to safeguard their online presence first and then begin ahead.

It’s not any problem to discuss your stories, opinions, or thoughts over certain things online. Though, it can be the reaction of readers or viewers, which may result in affecting your opinion sharing decision. It can be scary to see how people react to your stories negatively or make you feel bad about it! By starting an anonymous blog, you can share your stories freely without worrying about your identity. You can even monetize your anonymous blog and get some earnings from it.

Ways to keep your identity safe online

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Also, if you wish to learn about some ways of securing your identity online or safeguarding your online presence, then check them below:

Discuss only a few things over social networks

One must know about the fact that sharing more things or information over social networks may invite the viewers for more harm. It’s not any mandatory option to reveal your contact number or other personal detail when you’re using any social media account. So, let your privacy become confidential to you. If you’re showing all your details over social media networks, then it can invite anyone to harm you. For public information, you just need to discuss a few things only.

If you’re using all your details in your account and making it public, then it can be dangerous for you. You can also restrict your account viewers in your account settings. If anyone should know about your address or contact number, then he or she must be aware of it. You don’t need to socialize it over social media.

Deactivate the unused social media accounts

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If you’re not using any social media account, then it is best to deactivate or delete it. The less you’re available over social media in front of the public, and the less risk is associated with your identity. If you don’t want anyone to intrude in your privacy or access your email address, then end-up all the accounts which you’re not using anymore. You still have the chance to open a new account whenever you feel the need for it.

Choose a strong password to access your accounts.

Often, people use their birthdays or any common pattern as their passwords. Though, it is something that any hacker can guess about. If you don’t want an intruder to access your account without your permission, then fix a strong password. Also, using one password for all accounts or for a long time can be risky. It is advised for people to frequently change passwords and secure their accounts with strong characters of the password. If you want to safeguard your identity online, use unique patterns of the password.

Limit your shared data over the web

When you start sharing blogs or articles, it’s not anything to worry much. Though, when it is about your details or photos, then it can lead to an identity threat. Don’t let any intruder use your photos with any wrong intentions. When you’re on the social media networks, share only a few data with the public. Though, there’s no problem sharing your photos with your friend list over the web. Among many social networks, an option to restrict viewers is available. You can use it and change the viewers to your friends only.

Change the settings to “Google Alert.”

You can change the settings to “Google Alert” for your identity. It is the best way to check whether anything is posted over the web regarding you or any irrelevant stuff about you. Often, people are worried about hackers or harassers using their name in some content. If you want to keep an eye over such activities, then the Google Alert feature is the best option.

Rely on safe platforms for sensitive discussions

In the digital scenario, users can speak about any sensitive topics or discussions conveniently. People share posts about sensitive topics without thinking about the consequences associated with it. When coming online, one must remember that safeguarding identity is very important. So, you need to be wise in selecting the platforms where you can discuss sensitive topics. Don’t let the viewers talk bad about you or steal your identity to threaten you. If you get into any trouble related to your posts or discussions, then it can become a risky situation.

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