How is Blueberry beer?

If you want to add some blueberries to beer, it will complement other underlying flavors or add a fruity and fresh taste. There are types of beer that go well. There are also many ways that you can add blueberries to your fresh new brew

Blueberries aren’t typically added to beer in traditional methods but the tart and light flavor complements many styles. If you want to add blueberries to your next brew, start with a recipe where you will add them frozen during secondary fermentation. Either add frozen blueberries, extracts, or fruit juice during this fermentation stage.

What are the kinds of beer you can add blueberries to?

You can add blueberries to almost any kind of beer. There is a light and tart flavor that brings a little sweetness to the robust brews like porters, stouts, and lagers. You can also add blueberries to wheat beers and get a fruity, punky kick to them. Lighter beers like pale ales, pale lagers, and IPAs also pair well with blueberries

If you want to go more experimental with your new brew, try out some craft beers on the market made up of blueberries to get an idea of how you can make yours. 

What is the best kind of beer to which you can add blueberries;

  • American Blonde ale/American pale wheat ale- This kind of beer is pale in color and more complex than American pale beer. This kind of beer has a bready, malty flavor and tastes slightly bitter. The alcohol level is around 5% and looks pale. 
  • Berliner Weisse- This is a northern Bavarian-style beer that is mixed with fruit and lactose milk sugar and looks a little cloudy. The taste of this beer is sweet and sour and the alcohol level is 5%.
  • IPAs- This is a comparatively popular beer with a clear to deep amber appearance. The flavor is strong and has around 6-8% alcohol. It tastes a little floral, fruity, and piney. 
  • Porters- this kind of beer has a malty sweetness in it with subtle toffee and nutty flavor. It often gives a chocolate flavor as well. The alcohol level is 4.2-5.9%.

What kind of blueberries should be used while making blueberry beer?

Homebrewers would want to make some experiments and there are many recipes and opinions on how to choose the right kind of blueberries while making your new brew. The experts recommend two kinds of blueberries as the best for home brewing. 

You can use crushed fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries for home brewing. When you crush the fresh blueberries the skins and pulps are broken down and when you freeze them, the cell walls burst. Both methods produce the best flavor and it becomes easier to strain out the solids. 

You can also consider blueberry puree or extracts if you don’t have the option of the above-mentioned recipes. But the problem with extracts or puree is that there might be unwanted outcomes. 

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