How Much Gold is in Goldschlager?

Gold is among some of the most valuable and expensive resources on this planet, it’s used in various ways; mostly for making jewelry, and sometimes even utensils. You can even get some gold-plated items like mobile phones, and even chandeliers. In summary, there’s an endless way to use gold, and people have really taken that to another level.

Before, when gold was mostly only used for Jewelry products; it’s even found in some foods nowadays. Forget some foods, it’s used in a variety of food products, like steak, ice cream, and even some beverages. On the internet, if you look up a YouTuber called MrBeast, you can find several videos of him eating food covered in gold.


Of course, food with gold involved is also quite expensive, and you can see that from his videos. Now with that said, what we’re going to be discussing is also a food-related product, more specifically, an alcohol-based beverage called Goldschlager. We’ll discuss in detail what Goldschlager is exactly, as well as how much gold it contains. Just keep reading the article to find out!


As mentioned above, gold schlager is an alcoholic drink that contains gold in it, more specifically gold flakes. It’s a swiss cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes that are said to cut the throat and stomach to deliver the alcohol straight to the bloodstream for faster intoxication, the source of this is an urban legend. 

So, really, there’s not much proof that it’s true; it’s just a 50/50, or even less of it actually being real. This topic is currently undergoing debate, so it’s still not decided. But, as for the gold that it contains, it is 100% real. With that said, it’s also quite expensive; pretty obvious since it’s got actual gold in it.

But that begs the question: Just how much gold does it contain? First, there isn’t any official site for Goldschlager, but you can find several websites with people trying to figure out the same question: “Is Goldschlager just a novelty?”. 

As for the gold contained in it, after filtering and collecting were conducted on the beverage, approximately 0.1 grams of gold came out of the beverage. That’s not really much gold. So, in reality, Goldschlager’s gold worth isn’t all that much, it’s only about $4.31.

Gold’s Worth

  • Gold Contained in Grams = .01
  • Converted to Troy Ounces (Gold is priced by Troy Ounce) = .0032
  • PM Price of Gold on October 29, 2010, = $1,346.75 per Troy Ounce.
  • .0032 X 1346.75 = 4.3096
  • Approximately $4.31

Goldschlager’s price is about $25 per bottle, which isn’t really that much for something that has gold in it. But again, the price depends on the amount of gold that’s in the drink, and that’s really not that much, hence, the low price. With that being said, you’ll need a gold refiner to process the gold for you, it isn’t a free service.

With that, it’s not worth it, going for that much gold, and talking about Manhattan gold and silvers, they don’t take gold in such small quantities. After all, such a small amount of gold can only amount to a single cup of tea or coffee. So, almost every such company won’t be willing to take that amount of gold.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a Goldschlager beverage for the gold in it, then don’t. There’s not much in it. But, if you’re just looking for an alcoholic drink with a small “kick”, then you can opt for Goldschlager.

With that, this article comes to a conclusion. We’ve discussed what Goldschlager is and how much gold is in it. We’ve also mentioned the price of the gold, as well as its calculations. We hope you find this information useful, and if you have any further questions/queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section down below!

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