How To Drink Rum? Serving Rules And Appropriate Appetizers

There are no strict rules when drinking rum, as there are with French cognacs or Scotch whiskey. It is a drink with a rebellious character. Some people find it incredibly enjoyable when paired with ice, while others might prefer a tonic or a soda to dilute the strong alcohol. And everyone will be right in his or her way. Let’s understand how and with what people drink rum all over the world.

What kinds of glasses should we serve rum in?

Despite its impressive history on the alcohol market, the drink does not have its official glass. Rum can be served in many ways. It all depends on whether you are going to drink it pure or diluted.

A classic of the genre is to serve rum in Snifters, Rocks, or Nosing-type glasses. These are most often used when there is a bottle of aged rum on the table—it is customary to drink it pure. Similar to whiskey. And if you want, rum can be combined with ice—the volume of the glass is quite enough. Snifters or Rockies are filled with the drink by a third.

If rum is the main accompaniment to dinner, it is better to pour it in shots. But for mixes with soda or juice, you’ll need to choose larger glasses.

How and with what to drink rum?

Connoisseurs of hard liquor may say that you should drink rum only when it’s clean and without a “dense” snack. Only then you can perceive its refined bouquet. But it is more true for an aged rum that has a much milder taste. True connoisseurs complement these drinks with a Cuban cigar, perhaps. Moreover, if you are one of them, then you know exactly how Cuban cigars will add more pleasure to this process thanks to their famous flavor combinations. Punch cigars, Montecristo No4, Davidoff, and Cohiba Siglo IV are the most preferred among cigar lovers. Much like the best cigars from Cohiba or Montecristo, many of Davidoff‘s offerings are best enjoyed as after dinner escapes with rum, brandies, or whiskies. “Average” rums without aging, you will most likely have to snack on something if you are planning to drink it straight.

There is no strict classification of drinks. Therefore, when choosing what is better to drink rum with, it is easier to be guided by its color. But here too you have to experiment with culinary accompaniment. Sometimes even rums from the same “color” category have completely different bouquets. What went well with one brand might not work with another.

What do you drink white rum with? Since the drink is usually served as an aperitif, the appetizer can be both light and more hearty dishes:

  • Fruit slices (citrus fruits are better);
  • Canapes with meat, fish, or seafood;
  • Toasts with caviar or meat delicacies;
  • Meat or Fish Platter;
  • Meat Sausages;
  • Cheese board;
  • Olives.

What do you drink black rum with? These drinks have a spicier flavor-especially if we’re talking about aged examples. As an appetizer, they can go with:

  • Citrus fruits (you can with cinnamon, coffee, or sugar sprinkles);
  • Cheeses;
  • Nuts;
  • Dark chocolate;
  • Meat delicacies.

Every gourmand is sure to find “his” way to drink rum properly. Rum collectors discover the best deals and the best collections in electronic stores, auctions, and Let’s get started.

In its pure form

The culture of drinking rum “without anything” is similar to the ritual of drinking whiskey or cognac. The drink is poured into glasses at room temperature. Often even ice is not used. And the snack must be as light as possible. This method is good if it is an aged spirit.

As experts say, the drink should be warmed in the hands first, and then proceed to the most interesting part. Pure rum is drunk in small sips, savoring the taste.

With ice

A good way to reduce the rum’s strength and make it taste softer. Some rum connoisseurs might be skeptical of this way of tasting. But those who don’t like “bitter” spirits will like it. A good rum really can lose its personality when it is partnered with ice. And if we are talking about inexpensive drinks with a “medium” bouquet, a couple of cubes in a glass will fit harmoniously into the bouquet.

With a tonic

The slightly bitter quinine found in tonics is not only suitable with gin and vodka. It will pair nicely with sweet rum as well. The tonic brings out the woody notes of an aged drink particularly well.

Choose the proportion of tonic and rum – 1:1 or 1:2. You can add some ice and a lime slice to the glass.

With flavored sodas

The classic rum-Cola combination is over 100 years old. And it’s present in many cocktails. Sweet sodas balance out the tartness of the liquor – the drink won’t seem as strong.

With juices

To emphasize the sweetness of rum, dilute it with juice, preferably freshly squeezed. Usually, the drinks are mixed in a 1:2 ratio (less alcohol).

What juices are good? Cherry, citrus, multifruit, apple. And of course, pineapple, the combination that made Pina Colada so popular.

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