How to Open Wine without Corkscrew

Opening a wine bottle is not easy, even with a corkscrew at hand. However, without a corkscrew worsens the situation. With a bottle of wine ready for drinking and the corkscrew is missing, you have to devise ways to open the bottle no matter what. Here are different ways on how to open wine without a corkscrew. 

Please take it as an adventure filled with creativity to open and sip your favorite wine in no time. Note that when trying out any of the methods below, you must exercise caution not to break the wine bottle and end up with no wine at all. All tools at your disposal can take the corkscrew place with a bit of creativity. 

open wine without corkscrew

How to open wine without a corkscrew

Most tools at home will help you open your wine bottle with ease like keys, a wire hanger, a pair of scissors, or a serrated knife. But, when using these tools, you need to be cautious not to hurt yourself or break the wine bottle while at it. Digging into the cork might crumble it to tiny pieces, and you will need to strain the cork.

1. Use a shoe

It would be best to choose a high-end shoe that reaches your ankle with a raised sole like leather loafers. Remove the wrapping around the cork before you place the wine bottle inside the shoe. 

The bottom of your bottle should be against the shoe and smack the shoe against the wall several and softly. The cork will slowly inch out after a few smacks, and you should be able to ease it out. Also, the wine might foam and burst the cock out. 

2. Get a screw and a hammer

The screw and a hammer are the closest to a corkscrew, and the longer the screw, the better. The method is safe, but it requires resilience and well-controlled strength because it can quickly fatigue you.

Take the screw and screw it into the cork until only an inch is left on the outside. Now use the backside of the hammer to slowly and diligently pull out the cork. It sounds simple, but you might find yourself sweating when you complete the mission.

3. Use a wire hanger

An unwound hanger is commonly used to clear clogged drains, but hey, not this time. Get a wire hanger and twist it to take the shape of a screw, and you will easily wiggle out your corkscrew from the bottle with a few twists.

You might end up shredding your cork to bits into the wine, and that should not worry you. Get a coffee filter and strain your wine to leave out the cork, then you can go ahead to enjoy your wine.

open wine without corkscrew

4. A wooden spoon

Shoving the cork into the bottle might work out fast for you. Use a wooden spoon with a long thin handle and slowly push the cork into the wine bottle. Before you begin shoving the cork, remove any covering on the cork then apply pressure to the cork using the wooden spoon. It will slowly slide into the bottle without breaking into pieces.

5. A towel and the wall

Are you stuck on how to open wine without a corkscrew? If you have no tools to help open your wine bottle, grab your towel, and wrap it around the bottle. Both sides of the bottle should be wrapped up, and then you bang the bottle against the wall as you move it horizontally.

Bang (not so hard) until the cork starts to slide out. Once the cork is comfortably tangible, yank it out. You can use any solid surface cautiously to bang the bottle, but make sure the towel is thick enough to cushion the bottle from breaking.

6. Keys or a serrated knife 

Your keys or a serrated knife will also give you quick results like the screw and a hammer. Plunge either of them into the cork at an angle comfortable to move the tool in a circle(45 degrees) then slowly twist the cork out. Be careful to remove the cork as a whole because if not, it will crumble!

7. Use the bike pump to add pressure to the cork

A bike pump will solve the dilemma of how to open wine without a corkscrew. Place the wine bottle below the tip of the pump directly into the cork then begin to pump. The air creates enough pressure that forces the cork out of the bottle.

open wine without corkscrew

8. Slap Out the Cork with a shoe

Slapping the cork out of the wine bottle is similar to slamming the bottle on a wall, but this time you slap it with a shoe. Wrap the wine bottle at the bottom with a towel, put it between your legs with the cork facing down, then slap it using the shoe.

It may take a while for the cork to slide out, but it will. Applying a little patience here will help, and once the cork pops out, try to use your fingers to twist it out.


Don’t be stuck wondering how to open wine without a corkscrew because the methods above are practical and ingenious. Be cautious as you go about any of them, bearing in mind that a wine bottle is made of glass, and it can easily shatter. Also, remember to unwrap any seal around the cork before trying out any of these methods. 

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