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Celebrities have always been on the spotlight, with their fans trying to research who they are and their personal life. Most of them have their information publicly known by their followers. However, this has been entirely different with Maxine Seed. The former editor of the “Black Radio Magazine” came under the spotlight not because of her professional endeavors, but through her relationship with cannabis right activist Tommy Chong. Since then, people have been trying to do research about her to no avail. It is through this that we have come up with this post to make our readers more acquainted about this celebrity, Maxine Sneed

Her Personal Life

Basing on her personal life, it is believed she was born on 23rd September late in the ’40s. There is nothing much known about her early life, including the birth date since it is also disputed. All along, she has been keeping her life a secret and private, making it hard even to trace her parents and education life. 

Concerning her origin, there is nothing known about it other than speculations of being a Canadian who also holds USA citizenship. Despite all these hearsays being on the public domain, there is nothing of the information that has ever been confirmed or denied by her. Also worth noting about her personal life, she has no known social networks.

maxine sneed

The only specific thing we can be sure to talk about that relates to Maxine’s early life is her career. Reliable sources show Maxine as an editor of the Black Radio Magazine. In this company, her trademark was on the creative sides, where she was engaged in publishing readership and equality content. From other sources, she is said to have an engagement with some Big Corporate Houses as an editor. Other than this much, there is nothing more that is known concerning her career or life.

Back to her body stature, there are no specific body measurements that have been provided about her more so on her weight and height. However, she is known to be black with dark hair and black eyes.

Maxine Sneed Net worth

Determining Maxine’s net worth and assets can be a great obscure as she never utilizes Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Her locations and sources of salary are as well not clearly known. All we can say about her is she earned enough wealth from her career through the fashion and glamour field. Going by this, it is with no doubt she is worth millions of dollars despite never opening up in public about it

Other than the earnings through her career, she accumulated a significant amount of money amounting to $1 million from when she divorced Tommy. Concerning her ex-spouse net, he is believed to be $8 million worth. Her daughter Rae, on the other hand, is worth $4 million which she has earned from her acting career. This clearly shows that despite having no clear information about her worth, she has a few million dollars.

Maxine Sneed in the News

Whenever you are a celebrity, it is tough for you to escape from the limelight of the media. Many people will always like to conduct research on you and also hold interviews with you. Others will also always like to feature in the news in your company a reason why they always feature in the news more often. This is so different from Maxine Sneed since the very first time she made headlines was after her marriage with actor and Marijuana activist Tommy Chong. All along before this, everything about her was private and very few people knew about her and her whereabouts.

Maxine’s exposure in the media went ahead further when she was involved in a legal battle with her husband concerning the custody and parental rights of their daughter, Rae. It is during the same period she made headlines as she welcomed their daughter Robbi Chong in 1965. All through this period people always tried to make follow-ups about them until 1970 when she came into the limelight again after parting ways with Tommy. 

From relevant information that was broadcasted, the reason behind their divorce was infidelity issues. After the divorce, there is no other information about her have ever surfaced in the media. She has since then cut off from the celebrity lifestyle and started living a typical day to day life. No other news about her is known as of today, but she is believed to be single and will continue in living a private life.

Maxine’s Relationship with Tommy Chong

Whenever people hear of Maxine Sneed, they always think of her in the context of her husband, Tommy Chong. This means we can never talk about Maxine’s bio without mentioning their relationship with Chong. Sneed is believed to have tied knots with this reckoned Canadian- American actor early 1960. The two welcomed a daughter in 1965 who they named Robbi Chong. Their relationship lasted for a decade before they parted ways in 1970 with reasons relating to infidelity issues.

Relevant information revolving around their relationship is before their daughter Robbie was born, Tommy is reported to have been in an extramarital affair with Gail Toulson, who was an underage. Their affair yielded a daughter named Rae Dawn and Maxine together with Tommy won the custody of Rae. This explains why sources show Maxine has two daughters. Despite the many family problems and controversies, their daughters have been brought up together and have been part of many public events and movie premiers. Rae has also always accredited her parents for the beautiful upbringing they have received together with her sister.

About their daughter’s relationship, Rae has already found a spouse a musician by the name Mitchelle Long. They have also been blessed with a son which means Maxine Sneed has a grandson through Rae.

Final Thoughts

From the information presented above, it is with no doubt, trying to find out information about Maxine can be a mystery. There is no much information about her that has been brought into the limelight. This makes it hard to even talk of her age since we are not sure of the year she was born. Most of the information about her has been through speculations. To make it even hard to trace this 70-75 years’ lady, she has never featured in the media since her divorce with Tommy. She has entirely cut off the celebrity life and has managed to live a completely normal day to day life. There have not been any rumors about her dating or getting married to another man.

All that we can conclude about Maxine is that she loves writing and editing. She is also a big fan of reading books a factor that leaves us speculating she might be working as both an editor and a writer of an unknown company or magazine. Another thing we can confirm is she has already experienced the life of a celebrity during her marriage with Tommy. However, it is with no doubt she did not like it since all that time, she never associated with other celebrity even after the 47 years of divorce.

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