Nord VPN Is The Best Torrenting VPN of 2022

Having tried out virtual network providers (VPNs) such as Express VPN, Private VPN, Cyber Ghost, and IP Vanish, we found that there was one that stood head and shoulders above the rest of them. This one was Nord VPN.

Is Nord VPN The Best Torrenting VPN?

Nord VPN

This is because no matter where you are based in the world, the VPN service supports torrent file sharing through peer to peer (P2P) platforms. This impressive feat is as a result of the company having more than 5,500 servers that are based in some 60 different countries across the globe. The more servers that anyone service uses, the less load that any of them have to take and the more likely that you are to find one that is near to where you live. Nord VPN can be used on devices that use the following operating systems – Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Android, Android TV, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

As well as supporting the sharing and downloading of large torrent files, the VPN service also lets you bypass and geo-restrictions that website or streaming services, such as Netflix, may have in place. When you are torrenting via Nord VPN you can rest assured that all of your activities are safe and private thanks to the special P2P servers that the company has. As an extra layer of security, all of these servers are based in the Central American country of Panama where information retention is legally prohibited.

Each of the servers that the company has uses Open VPN protocol, as well as military-level AES 256 bit encryption keys. Along with the dual data fortification methods that the VPN service uses, it is pretty much as secure as they come. Nord VPN practices a policy of no-logging of data or online activities, ensuring that all of this information remains completely invisible to any third parties that may be interested in trying to access it.

Thanks to the dual VPN that the company uses, it works to further encrypt your data by letting your mobile device connect to a VPN server. In addition, it channels your connection through a further VPN server, thus giving an extra layer of encryption in order to hide your original internet protocol (IP) even more.

Customer Support

When it comes to user support, Nord VPN offers a 24 / 7 live chat feature on their website that connects you directly with their customer support teams. If you prefer something more formal or if you are in less of a rush, then you can always email the company instead.

Those people who are interested can click over to Privacy Spark to read more about those VPN services that we mentioned at the start. However, for us, it is Nord VPN that is the best, so the others are not even worth considering.

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