Not Your Father’s Root Beer

You must have thought you know all beers available, but not really, not yet. Not your father’s root beer is spicy with a silky, smooth flavour that is unmatched. It is unique and appealing to even those who drink beer and those who love to drink something unique.

When poured to a glass, it is a dark brown liquid vanilla spiced, and you can easily confuse it with a non-alcoholic root beer. However, it is sweet, rich, and refined with an alcoholic taste. For the best experience, drink it from a glass, and you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream then enjoy a floating classic root beer.

not your father's root beer

Although Kovac’s team no longer produces the beer, they plan to sell an alternative root beer with a higher alcohol concentration in their Wauconda location. The beer is an ale brewed by Small Town Brewery with a root beer taste clocking 5.9% ABV and two other variations at 10.7% and 19.5%.

Kovac rated Not Your Father’s Root Beer has no added sugar into the beverage, and the intense sweetness only comes from the grains and spices used in the brewing process.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer History and Flavors

Small Town Brewery was founded in 2010 by Tim Kovac after home brewing for two decades. The brewery exposed Kovac’s family history in brewing which was unique and it dated back to the 17th century. 

His ancestors’ brewing included fruit-based recipes using herbs, roots, and flowers, which inspired innovation in Small Town’s modern brewing. The end product NYFRB justifies that the ingredients make a special beer that will remain nostalgic for its great flavour and taste. 

not your father's root beer

A sip of the beer tastes like vanilla, sassafras, and wintergreen flavours. It has no bitterness but tastes like a flavoured malt drink. The Illinois beer has taken the nation by storm, and those who have tasted it can attest that it is a smooth sweet alcoholic root beer and very precise. 

Regular beer is brewed using barley, hops, water, yeast, and no additives, especially flavours and sweeteners. However, the game changes when ingredients like flavours, seasonings, and spices are added to the beverage. Do we still classify it as a beer? 

As for this root beer, the flavors make up the palette because that is all you can taste. 

No bitterness from hop or the malty taste like it is with regular beers. Due to its nature, most people classify it as an alcopop. However, Tim Kovac, the founder of Small Town Brewery, insists that it is brewed with a small number of hops(Crystal and Willamette), which automatically qualifies it as a beer. 

Beer Nutrients

  • It contains low-calorie content meaning that each oz has 0.02cal.
  • It is a good source of minerals like Manganese and vitamins: 5.2%cal.
  • There are no known dangerous components in the beer like sodium, fats, or added sugars.
  • It has no fibre. 

Facts about Not Your Father’s Root Beer

A massive chance that the beer is produced in a partnership between Small Town Brewery and Phusion Projects LLC appears on the liquor license. 

  • The beer design targeted women after research within a female audience between 21 – 35 years.
  • Phusion registered the label.
  • Phusion in Chicago is listed as Small Town’s main office and address.
  • Both companies shared a director for strategic marketing.
  • Small Town Brewery has a website with the same address as Phusion unless anything has changed. 

Phusion is known for producing the most notorious alcoholic beverages for over a decade. Pabst is tasked with distribution in the fifty states.

There is an undeniable tie between the original brewer and Phusion, then a third party Pabst for distribution. If this is your kind of drink, unique and tasty, then you will not miss no matter the partners involved to get it to the shelves in your local store. 

NYF Brand New Logo

A new brand look being launched in an online platform where women discuss issues that concern them like entrepreneurship, creativity, career growth, among others three years back. Create & Cultivate is the company tasked with this role because they share great qualities with the NYF brand. 

The team has produced two new flavour profiles that range from soft tones to subdued, more decadent flavours to vibrant colours that spell boldness. You can now differentiate flavours easily, depending on the colour display. The label’s logotype is now white, leaving room for it to shine and for the brand to progress further. The previous logo was textured, but the new logotype cleanly illustrates the brand.


Not your father’s root beer is a silky, smooth beer with unmatched flavours. It’s a unique appeal to people who are not beer drinkers that makes it stand out. The beer defines a speciality in crafting a complex flavour by blending many spices to create a broad appeal. Go ahead and grab a six-pack of this unique beer and make your judgment.

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