What is ‘On The Rocks’ Drinks?

“Whiskey on the rocks” is a very common phrase or sentence we come across at house parties or clubs. Now the question is what is this ‘on the rocks” drink and how is it different from others. There is also another question if whiskey is the only drink to have on the rocks. But the answer to this question is no. There are a few more drinks other than whiskey to have on the rocks. 

This article talks about the different types of on the rocks drinks as well as how they should be served. 

on the rocks drinks

‘On the rocks drinks’- What does that even mean?

Before we head on to the main point, let me tell you what does it mean by ‘On the Rocks’. It is nothing but serving an alcoholic drink in a cocktail glass only with ice and no water or other solutions. The ice keeps the drink cold and diluted with time, this gradual dilution of the ice and water gives the kick. 

Ideas to serve on the rocks drinks

  • You have to pick the right alcohol. Some drinkers might not like scotch with ice but ask for blended scotch on the rocks. At the end of the day, it all depends on personal preferences. If you experiment with different liquors and cocktails, you’ll gradually grow your own taste of on the rocks drinks.
  • If it’s a crowded party, you have to serve ice drinks as quickly. Because if you let the drinks sit the ice will be diluted and the drink becomes watery which the customers may not like.
  • There are some specific drinks that should only be served on the rocks. Those are ‘Old Fashioned’ and ‘Tom Collins’. More precisely, if someone doesn’t ask for any other diluter, always serve these drinks on the rocks. 
  • Regular ice is very common when serving on the rocks drinks. But some perfectionists prefer to use specialty cocktail ice for their drinks. For that, you can use ice mounds or ice balls which melt slower than the regular ice. This helps the drink to dilute slowly and keep up with the taste.
  • When you’re serving on the rocks drinks, it’s important that you choose the right glassware. There is a specific tumbler called the ‘rocks glass’ for on the rocks drinks. 

How is On the Rocks Drinks different from others?

Other than on the rocks, there are kinds of drinks like neat, up, and straight up. All these are different from others. So it is very important to know the basic differences before you serve a drink. 

  • When it’s on the rocks, it is served only with ice.
  • ‘Up’ means a drink stirred with ice and eventually strained to keep the ice out of the d=final deliverable.
  • ‘Neat’ is simply the alcohol with no other solution to dilute it.
  • ‘Straight up’ sometimes indicates ‘neat’ drinks and sometimes calls for a room temperature drink.

When you’re serving alcoholic beverages be careful about the instructions and do it carefully. 

on the rocks drinks

The best on the rocks drinks

Apart from whiskey, there are other alcoholic beverages that could be served on the rocks. If you’re drinking real Scotch or single malts, it is needless to say that they taste best without ice. But when you’re drinking blended scotch, Tequila, Gin and Bourbon on the rocks is a very suitable option. 

  • ‘Johny Walker Black’ is one of the classic on the rocks drinks. It is a blended scotch, hence could be served with ice. It is 12 years aged blended scotch whiskey. The ice helps enhance its dry fruits aroma and the smoky flavor,
  • ‘Casa Noble Crystal Tequila’ is one of the finest Blanco Tequila. If you add ice to it, you’ll get the honeyed flavor and a light citrus taste out of it. 
  • The Scottish gin ‘Hendrick’s Gin’ is the killer among any other gins around the market. It has been there for the last 18 years now. Its rose and cucumber aroma are enhanced by adding a couple of ice cubes. 
  • ‘Plymouth Gin’ is a 200-year-old drink which remained just the since all these years. It has a zingy finish and strong juniper flavors. ‘Plymouth gin’ is often called the on the rocks staple.
  • ‘Four Roses Single barrel Bourbon’ is one of the classic drinks served on the rocks. It has a strong aroma and pungent fruit flavors. 
  • ‘Dewars 12 Year Old The Ancestor Blend’ is one of the best Scotches found in the shops. When you add some ice cubes to the drink, you get the honeyed fruit aroma that takes you back to the thoughts of vintage oak casks. 

We hope our readers were happy with the bunch of information. Stay tuned for more such topics and discussions. We are glad to be there for you. 

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