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Zamnesia is a one-stop shop for headshop goods like pipes, bongs, rolling papers, weed grinders, and books. Products are running in hundreds across different categories. You will find any product that you need At the online headshop Zamnesia offers top-quality products at the best prices, with detailed information about it, it’s a description, and an exact picture of the product.

Zamnesia product collection ranges from smoking pipes, bongs, and rolling papers to weed grinders, and books, among others. There is a wealth of vital smoking fresh smoking merchandise and accessories in Zamnesia’sHeadshop! The icing is not only on the extensive product selection but the low unbeatable prices too.

Magic Mushroom Kits

It is no longer necessary to scour woodlands and pastures in search of mushrooms as you can grow them at home with magic mushroom grow kits from Zamnesia. The kits are different, with each tub providing several fruit flushes in just weeks full of goodness.

For those who are new to mushrooms, the available selection of grow kits on Zamnesia provides you with choices.

First, try the less potent strains for an extensive range. However, if you want a total blast, take something more substantial and explore other dimensions. For instance, the grow kit B+ is recommended as a starting point. It contains specimens that are over 30cm in height, and they will not disappoint before or after consumption.

Cannabis Rolling Papers, Scale, or Bong

Getting high is one of the many human ingenuities that have been applied for ages. Sophisticated Western consumers have moved from the frequent use of hollow bird bones and rolled-up leaves to the now wide range of smoking tools, storage tools, means of preparation, and consumption of herbal stashes.

Rolling Supplies

Rolling papers have been in use since the 16th century, and they are the backbone of the headshop industry. Over the years, the rolling paper has transformed into a range of documents that differ in size, materials, and patterns. Besides, there are several options for filters and rolling tips.

If you are not familiar with the art of rolling, there are also rolling machines and pre-rolled cones. Invest in a fantastic selection of rolling trays with different shapes and styles, with premium options added with high-tech features for the ultimate rolling experience. And, organize yourself for every situation.


It is called “420 blazes it” because there is something to spark it. The lights at headshopZamnesia are a complete selection to keep you blazing long enough. The standard clipper lighter has numerous spare parts and high-tech heating solutions, plasma, and turbo lighters. Have a variety of novelty lighters, and you will be the most sought-after person and the coolest in any situation.

Bongs, Pipes, and Chillums

Our modest but effective range of glass, wood, and Italian clay chillums is available in many low-key designs and stoners on the go. Weed pipes are the mainstay of a smoker’s arsenal. Zamnesia has all kinds made of metal, glass, wood, or soapstone; so, there is a guarantee to find a pipe that suits your needs perfectly.

Finally, the vast array of bongs and shishas will complete your smoking apparatus with glass, acrylic, ceramic, and novelty bongs. They also have several spare parts and accessories that keep your pipe or bong in optimal condition.


When you superheat a cannabis concentrate, you inhale a vapor that is more potent than the cannabis flower. And, you need several unique accessories and tools to complement this experience. Zamnesia has all your dabbing needs at heart now and in the future when the dabbing art evolves. In stock are conversion kits for standard water bongs, high-temperature lighters, blowtorches, and a complete range of additional accessories.

Find Your Cleaning products

Zamnesia has the best cleaning products you can ever find in the cannabis industry. The residue from non-water-soluble cannabinoids in bongs, bowls, vaporizers, and anything you can smoke.

In Summary

HeadshopZamnesia is the ideal online shop where you can get all the products for your smoking needs in style, best prices, and variety. Browse through the website, find your kind of product, and purchase. Also, don’t be cool alone. Share this post with your smoking friends and allow them to be cool!

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