Seeking Intimacy Intentionally in a World of Online Relationships

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Whether you are an individual trying to navigate online dating safety or a partner committed to a long-distance relationship, it is easy to say that dating online has its challenges.

One of the most common complaints about dating online is the lack of closeness and miscommunication. Every relationship needs to have positive communication habits and some level of intimacy. 

Learn more about intimacy, the ups and downs of online dating, and how you can improve your relationship! 

What is Intimacy?

According to the Better Health Channel, “Intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close, and emotionally connected and supported. It means being able to share a whole range of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we have as human beings.”

When two people are intimate with the inner workings of each other, they feel connected in more ways than one. Intimacy allows them to maintain a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Relationships

In many ways, there are multiple benefits to finding and maintaining love online. During the pandemic of 2020, many individuals found solace in the company in online partners. Because individuals were unable to venture out of their homes, they had no choice but to find love through online resources.

On the other hand, people dating may also rely on online resources because of the distance between them. Many people are capable of enduring an online relationship. They could be separated because of jobs, war, school, family, and more.

The advantage of online dating is the ease and accessibility to partners; however, the disadvantage is that individuals do not get to spend in-person time together. This is why it is important to add closeness to your online relationships

How to Add Intimacy to Online Relationship

Consider Video or Voice Calls

A reason many couples do not have any intimacy in their relationships is because of the lack of time they spend together. Even if you are in an online relationship, there are still ways that you can spend time together! For example, consider utilizing the video call function on your phone or you can access this through various apps. Phone calls are also beneficial to couples. Sometimes taking the time to physically talk or see the person can help boost your relationship.

Regularly Make Plans Together

Another way to seek intimacy intentionally is by continuously making plans with one another. Plans could be dates spent together, visits, goals for yourselves as a couple, and any future plans. By regularly making plans together, you are showing the other person that you are dedicated to the success of your relationship and that you intend to spend your future with the other person.

Find New Ways to Connect

Finding new ways to connect is a great way to enhance your relationship and learn something new about each other. You could try a new hobby together or add online games to your relationship. For example, maybe you both wish to learn a language or master the art of painting. Consider putting time aside each week to work on your hobby or interest together. When you work together towards personal goals, it will bring you even closer together.

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