Signs that You are a Strong, Independent Woman

What comes to mind when you hear of a strong, independent woman? You might picture her with a muscled body looking like a wonder woman, but no. It has nothing to do with physique but other factors like someone influential, independent financially, in thought, and self-confident no matter what. 

Strong Independent Woman

You may not realize that you are strong and independent, but those around you know it. Forget the lazy woman talk who are always confessing how broke they are but waiting to marry a rich man! 

A strong independent lady goes out of her comfort zone to work, faces challenges, and is never put down by anything. If you display any of these traits, then, you qualify as an independent woman.

Signs of a Strong, Independent Woman

Many people in society think that benign an independent woman is a bad thing. Why? Because an independent woman can take care of herself without waiting or expecting a man to chip in! They are bosses of their own, and here are the signs.

1. You make yourself Happy

Happiness comes from within you, not your surrounding or other people. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy, and nothing can influence that but keep the focus on being happy. Consider cutting off people that bring unhappiness to you or negative energy. 

Perhaps it is your job that puts you down, then change departments or get a new job. Also, if the place you are living in does not bring happiness, then vacate and get a new house that makes you happy. 

Although sometimes it may not be possible to change things around us, you need to change your attitude towards them to be happy. Sometimes a change of attitude could be all that you need to usher happiness. Be grateful for what you have, and your attitude will automatically change. 

Strong Independent Woman

2. You emerge a Leader, Not a Follower

Strong women are responsible enough to set rules for others. You instruct and guide others by setting an example, and the opposite is not something you like. 

3. Winning Her Over is Difficult

Have you worked you are but off to win over a woman yet you failed? First, you must know that you are not the only one trying to get her attention. Others have been there with more expensive gifts, and romantic dates but nothing moved her. 

An independent woman is not only looking for a man but someone who sees her as an equal and not just a woman! Anyone who will challenge her intellectually might not only impress her but also get to keep her. 

4. She does not easily Commit

Although she is not fully committed to you, it is no indication that she is cheating on you. The truth is she has many commitments to her life that she does not find time to accommodate you as you might want. 

She will keep to herself until she achieves her set goals; then she can shift her thoughts to you. However, you need to know that she comes first then everything and anyone else will follow.

5. A-pillar to others 

The strength that illuminates strong women can support everyone with problems around them without feeling drained. Friends count on you to to help deal with their issues and put their lives in order. Therefore, she is a strong pillar, and everyone leans on her. 

6. Honesty means a lot to You

Independent women do not take lies lightly. In relationships, you cannot entertain two-faced people. You are honest, and you expect the same from others. As the saying goes, it is better to be slapped with the truth than be comforted with half-truths

7. Know your Strengths and insecurities

As they say, “to error is a man” and there is none who is perfect. A strong woman knows and accepts all of them without flaunting them, and she also knows how to work around them. As a result, her confidence is lifted, giving her a bold personality. And, no one can use your insecurities to put you down. 

8. Drama is not her style

Independent women don’t are interested in dramatic situations, but the simple civilized talk will do for them. If you wrong her, she will approach you nicely to discuss it, but if you make a mountain out of a molehill, then she will leave. Although she may be hurt, opting out will do more good for her. 

9. You enjoy time alone

Some people fear being alone, but a strong woman appreciates her time alone. Extroverts feel more potent in crowds, but it does not mean you are not independent. However, if you fear being alone, then you may not be in the independent group. Finding confidence and comfort when you are alone means you enjoy your company. 

10. Others think you have it all together

People perceive you as someone who knows precisely what you are doing. Also, they get the impression that you always have a plan for every situation. 


If you are a strong independent woman, feel good about it. Being fearless and confident are wonderful traits that any woman should endeavor to have, and the world needs more of them. And, don’t give an ear to anyone who thinks or believes otherwise about independent women. 

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