The Benefits of CBD Oil

Have you tried CBD yet? Lots of people already have. According to a recent Gallup poll, 14% of Americans have already tried a CBD product. That’s one in seven people, an incredible amount considering the substance wasn’t legal at the federal level until late 2018.

If you have yet to try some CBD yourself, this article will help you understand what the substance is all about. But first, the basics.

Benefits of CBD oil

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a plant from which CBD is extracted. CBD is a cannabis byproduct. Most of it is extracted from hemp, and it does not have psychotropic substances. CBD is instead labeled a psychoactive substance. Meaning that, just like caffeine, it alters your mood and state of mind without affecting your perception of reality. In other words, CBD won’t get you high. It does, however, come with plenty of health benefits.

1 – Lower your stress levels

CBD helps treat both the symptoms and the causes of stress. The substance’s mood-altering properties make it easier to stay calm under pressure. On top of that, CBD also alters your hormonal levels. Specifically, it can bring down the volume of stress hormones in your bloodstream, treating the cause of your stress.

2 – Helps you manage anxiety

Stress and anxiety are similar in a lot of ways, so it’s not surprising that CBD helps treat both. For people suffering from anxiety disorders, CBD is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical interventions. It has fewer side effects than most commercially available anxiety medicine, and it comes with no risk of addiction.

That said, CBD does interact with other forms of medication, so consult your doctor before you consider mixing it with your anxiety pills. It might be wiser to choose one or the other.

3 – Reduces your pain

Pain relief is one of the main selling points of CBD. The substance has analgesic properties, which can help reduce pain around your body in a variety of ways. When using CBD as an analgesic, you have two options. You can place CBD under your tongue, or you can apply it directly to the afflicted area.

Treating pain in your joints or muscles usually involves topical application. But if you are using CBD to treat migraines, for example, then sublingual application is one of the best delivery methods available.

4 – Reduces inflammation

One of the advantages of CBD is that it treats the causes of several conditions, on top of treating the symptoms. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, for example, lead to positive results when using it to treat arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and post-workout pains.

In these cases, a reduction in inflammation not only improves your level of comfort, but it also aids your recovery.

5 – Gives you nutrients

How nutritious CBD is will depend on the product you are using. CBD chocolate made using isolates will come with fewer nutrients than CBD oil, for example. But in general, CBD is nutrient-rich, carrying many crucial vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy dose of antioxidants.

All of this adds up to it being an attractive nutritional supplement. Looking for more information? This Cibdol article can tell you more about how CBD affects your body.

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