The Craziest Bets In Casinos

There have been some truly crazy bets when it comes to casinos, and the types of wagers that people want to make are mind-blowing in some cases – visit 666Casino. We’ll look at some of the most interesting and strangest now – are there any that you would accept or try to replicate yourself?

Two Suitcases

In the 1980s, there was a man called William Lee Bergstrom. He walked casually into a casino with two suitcases in his hands. One of those suitcases contained $777,000, and the other was completely empty.

The craziest bets in casinos

So what happened? The man – brave or stupid we just can’t tell – walked directly to one of the craps tables, and bet his full suitcase, all $777,000 of it, on one bet, which happened to be the don’t pass line. Then… he won! He used his empty suitcase to gather up his winnings and left again. Crazy!

A Winning Streak

How do you turn $50 into $40 million? By being as lucky as Archie Karas was when he played poker in Las Vegas. Being a professional poker player, Karas did have some insight into what he was doing, but it was still a risky prospect. He had just $50 left after losing pretty badly in LA before he decided to see if his luck was any different in Las Vegas.

It was. He used that $50 and made a lot more from it, but it was only when he then also borrow $10,000 from a friend that he really made it big. He paid the friend back with interest; well, when you have $40million in the bank you can afford to!

Betting Your House

You might have heard the term ‘bet the house’ before in relation to gambling, but a Las Vegas roulette player named Ashley Revel took this literally, and best most of his properties on a single game. Being a game of chance, this was one of the riskiest moves he could have made, even if the chances of winning were 50/50.

Originally he placed all of this property on black but, just before the dealer stopped bets coming in, he changed it to red… and won. It may have been a fluke or a gut feeling, but whatever made Revel change his mind like that he has to be thanking his lucky stars for it every single day.

Lucky Grandmother

There was once a grandmother who wasn’t much into gambling, and who had certainly never played craps. But one night, for no apparent reason, she decided that craps were what she was going to play. As anyone who understands craps will tell you, it’s not an easy game to master, and many people take a number of years to get confident when playing.

This was not the case for Patricia Demauro; clearly, no one had mentioned to her that craps were hard, and she just went for it, winning 154 dice rolls in a row in Atlantic City. We don’t know quite how much she won, but it had to be a large amount after many winning rolls!

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