The curious case of PSG and Benfica on the 2022-23 UCL

The UEFA Champions League is always an entertaining competition. You can start to bet online now – the 1xBet website offers all chances to wager on this tournament. Group H of the 2022-23 edition of the tournament saw an occurrence that is quite curious, to say the least.

Four teams were part of this group. They were PSG, Benfica, Juventus and Maccabi Haifa. The French and Portuguese teams dominated the group, and both of them went into the second round with 14 points each. The other two teams finished with only three points. This was especially disappointing in the case of the Italian team. The 1xBet website allows you to make an online bet now on all teams that always participate in this tournament.

Tied in everything

As said before, both PSG and Benfica ended with 14 points leading the group. However, to organize the next stage of the tournament, it was necessary to determine which team was first and which was second. There is a live casino online available with, and you can visit it while waiting for the next match of this tournament.

There was a problem though because both teams were tied in several other criteria, including:

  • matches won, as both teams claimed four victories;
  • matches were drawn, as the matches between themselves resulted in draws, giving two to each team;
  • goal difference, as both teams had a difference of +9;
  • and goals scored, as both teams scored 16 goals each.

The live online casino available with 1xBet can be used before the next match of the UEFA Champions League. This was the first time in which two squads were tied in all of those criteria. How was it possible to break this deadlock?

Away goals

For this reason, it was necessary to go into the sixth aspect of the list used to break ties between teams. This is the number of goals scored by a visiting team. Here is where Benfica claimed the first place of the group.

The Portuguese team was ranked first in the group because of the away goals they scored during the group stage. They scored nine of these goals, while PSG only got six. This was the aspect that finally set both teams apart.
It is still interesting to speculate what could have happened if they were also tied here. In this case, other criteria to break ties include disciplinary points, away wins, and even the UEFA club coefficient. The 1xBet online betting platform has all matches of the always-entertaining UEFA Champions League.

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