Things We Love About Texas

Have you ever thought about moving to Texas? San Antonio is a large metropolis with a small-town atmosphere. You also have a fantastic huge lifestyle to go along with it. You have access to all of the advantages that a big city provides. Shopping, restaurants, and other amenities abound. When you compare San Antonio to San Diego, for example, the cost of living in San Antonio is roughly 80% cheaper than in San Diego, apartments in San Antonio, groceries, medical, and all of the other utilities that come with living here.

It’s no surprise that Texas is hot because it’s in the American south. However, with all that hot air and the winds blowing in from the north and the gulf, Texas weather becomes equal parts misery and adventure. The electrifying lightning bolts, the booming thunder, and the rain coming down from all sides make Texas thunderstorms a sight to behold. Below are some of the things we love about Texas.

List of 183 Things We Love About Texas, To Celebrate Texas Independence Day

The Alamo

The events that happened during the legendary Battle of The Alamo, which took place on March 6, 1836, have been immortalized in popular culture. The facility was given the name “Alamo” by Spanish soldiers after their city. The Alamo, on the other hand, would earn its place in history during the Texan Revolution. Despite the fact that the majority of the Alamo’s civilian occupants survived, all of the Texan combatants were killed, and the Mexican soldiers sustained terrible losses as well.

Big Bend National Park

Large Bend National Park is called for the river’s big bend in west Texas. The springtime temperature is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Big Bend National Park is regarded as one of the best sites to stargaze due to its openness. Prickly pears, pitayas, and claret cups are among the more than 60 cactus species present at Big Bend National Park.


The Alamo, Lone Star beer, and, most importantly, our love of cuisine are all holy to Texans. Certain recipes have managed to unite us throughout the state’s diverse geographies and cultures, from plains and lakes to hillsides and deserts, through full flavor and an obviously excessive amount of beef. Texans are justifiably proud of their barbecue, which has gained a global reputation (you can now find “Texas-style BBQ” restaurants in Paris). There may be some variations in preparation ways depending on the region you dine in, but in general, beef is the headliner.

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