Things You Can Do With Your Old Socks

Although you might not wear a mismatched pair of socks, there are other uses for them. You can use them as dusters, armbands, and sweeping floors, among others. So, don’t toss your old or mismatched pairs or wonder what you can do with your old socks. Below are the many things to utilize them. 

What to do with old socks

What to do with old socks 

1. Protect Golf Clubs

Cover golf club heads with old socks during transit to keep them from scratching. 

2. Store Golf or Tennis Balls

Arrange your tennis or golf balls in a sock for you to access them easily from storage. 

3. Protect Valuables while moving

When moving, you can place sizable valuables into old socks to keep them safe while in transit. They will be cushioned from breakage, and if they do, the damage will be minimal. 

4. Store Shoes

You can stack up socks in shoes to maintain their shape if they are not worn often. When moving, you can slip them into socks to protect them from scratches or rubbing against each other. 

5. Preventative Mothballs 

During winter, put mothballs in old socks and place them above your closet ceiling, and you can counter the mothball smell with another sock stuffed with potpourri. 

6. Keep Car Windows from Fogging

Kitty litter in a sock can prevent your car windows from fogging. Pour kitty litter in a sock to the ankle level, then tie a knot at the top to keep it secure and put it in another sock and place it by the windshield. The results will impress you because the kitty litter will absorb all moisture keeping your windows clear. 

7. Clean a Dry Erase Board

The erasers for dry-erase boards get wasted so fast, but you can replace them with a sock as it cleans better. Once you are done cleaning, you can wash it and use it repeatedly till it wears off, which will, of course, not be so fast. As a result, you save money, and time and wash your hands after cleaning or buying a new eraser.

8. Make a Stress Ball

Make a stress ball by putting playing dough in a sandwich bag and then slipping it into a sock. Now press the ball to relieve stress anytime you feel overwhelmed. 

9. Arm or Leg Warmers 

Turn your old pair of socks into arm warmers by making a few cuts at the toe area. Anyone from your kids to yourself can wear them when playing in the snow, on their arms, and they can also keep warm using them as legwarmers.

10. Bean Bags

An old pair of socks can spice your life up with some fun. You can sew the bags with a sewing machine or by hand if you like, then fill them with pinto beans or another cheap filer leaving space to close the bag and for the beans to move around during play. 

What to do with old socks

11. Dress up your Coffee Mug

Still, on the quest for what to do with old socks, you can make DIY coffee mug cozies. Cut the sock and sew its edges to fit the cups, then slip your cups in. Your coffee remains warm for a longer time, and your arms are safe from burning. 

12. Chia Pet

Put grass seed into an old sock, secure the top with a knot, and then use push pins to hold buttons in place as a pair of eyes. With time the grass will grow to protrude at the top, looking like hair. Water the grass to keep it damp and to allow the hair to grow more each day. 

13. Chew toy for your Dog

Buying your dog a chew toy will save you some from buying their expensive toys and chewing off your stuff. Take an old plastic bottle, put it into a sock, then tie knots at the end, and the dog will love the crackling sound. Also, you can use a tennis ball and tie it to the sock for a good pull.

14. Doughnut Play Food

In the playhouse, little girls love to cook pretentious delicious meals, and as you know, these toys can be a bit pricey and a safety concern. You can make doughnuts from old socks, which are ideal for any age group. Cut open the toe side of the socks, then roll them into a doughnut and decorate them as you wish. 

15. A sweater for your Canine Friends

When in the mood for some cutting and sewing, you can cut open several socks and then stitch them together. You will make a comfortable sweater for your com-paw-neon to keep them warm during winter. This way, you will have to go shopping for dog sweaters, and you become a designer!

What to do with old socks

16. Wear them when Repainting

When that time comes to repaint or improve your home, the floor can take an unfair beating. Wear a pair or two of old socks over your shoes to prevent paint or any unforeseen damage to the floor. 

17. Door Draft Stopper

During winter, your electricity bill may go up due to drafts that come to your door. Remedy this problem by filling in old socks with batting and sewing them. Please place them in front of your door, and the problem will be solved. 


Don’t discard or wonder what to do with old socks because you can do so many things with them. It’s not rocket science, but a little creativity and the results will impress you.

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