Things You Should Never Spend Money On

Let’s face it. To live is to spend. This doesn’t necessarily mean that spending is a bad thing, only that it is necessary. However, there are a lot of things that we can get for free as well as products and services that would be a waste to spend your hard-earned money on.

Managing your expenses might also limit the need to apply for payday loans online frequently, or help you finally achieve that financial goal or big purchase you’ve been working towards.


Financial Advice

The first thing that you can limit spending on is paid financial advice. Don’t get us wrong, the services of a financial expert are priceless, especially before making a big financial decision such as starting a business.

However, did you know that most banks provide the same services for their loyal account holders free of charge? Feel free to inquire with your bank if that’s something that they offer and set an appointment. It’s even better if you have been with this bank for a long time since they know your financial history.

Credit Report Monitoring

In relation to the previous point, here’s another service that you don’t need to spend on if you have a credit card. That’s because most credit card companies offer free credit monitoring services. You can also access Credit Karma, a free credit monitoring online platform.


Online shopping is a huge convenience, true, but we believe that you shouldn’t pay more than you should and that includes shipping. With all the retailers that now offer free shipping, you’re bound to find the item that you want willing to send you their product for free.

There are also online marketplaces that hold free shipping days that usually coincide with their promo periods and discount sprees.

Toiletries and Make-up

Going somewhere? Then you don’t need to purchase travel-sized toiletries anymore. There are certainly a lot of shops that provide free samples. There are also companies that offer free sample programs such as Procter & Gamble and PINCHme.

The same goes for makeup. Sephora has got to be our go-to brand when it comes to requesting free samples. Allure also has a Free Stuff Program that we also recommend for you try.

Here’s a useful tip: Some boutiques also offer a free makeup session after buying a certain amount of their products. It’s great to keep that in mind the next time you’re attending an event and you need to be all dolled up. Save all your restocking needs for that day and enjoy the free service.

Paid Communication

You don’t really need to pay when making calls or for a landline installation anymore if you have an internet connection. There are a lot of communication platforms online that you can use for free such as Skype and Zoom.

Social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram also have their own built-in messaging features that you can rely on for all your communication needs.

Kitchen Tools

It seems that there’s a tool for any kitchen task or chore these days. However, the truth is, you don’t really need most of these tools. Most of the time, you simply need patience and a sharp kitchen knife to accomplish half of what dozens of tools can do.

Here’s a final tip: You can consider this before buying any kitchen tool or anything else, for that matter. Write down anything you want to purchase on a piece of paper and put a date on it. Then, write it down the next time you remember that you need it, again along with the date.

If you don’t write the same item’s name more than three times in a six-month period then chances are, you don’t really need it in your life.

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