Three Games That Animal Lovers Must Play On Their Mobile Phones

Mobile gaming has become extremely popular over the past couple of years, with many gamers opting to play games on their phone instead of on consoles. There are many reasons for this transition, with the most prominent of which being that playing mobile games is effortless, as you simply just need to pick up your phone instead of turning on a console.

Three Games That Animal Lovers Must Play On Their Mobile Phones

As well as this, it is easy for gamers to play on these games while they are watching television, and has become a prominent way to relax after a long day at work. One of the most popular genres of games on mobile is centred around animals, and these are three of the most popular titles that you can expect to find.

Animal Crossing

One of the most popular Nintendo releases over recent years has been Animal Crossing, and that popularity has been echoed with the success of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile devices. It is the official game from Nintendo, and the experience that players will be able to have on the title isn’t too dissimilar to what the players on the Switch would be able to enjoy.

Players will be able to spend hours building camps for their animals, and the social element of being able to interact with friends is also a major plus that ensures that this is a top-rated game. It isn’t as action-packed as other games, but it is an easy way to unwind.

Nirvana Slot Game

Not all mobile games can be found in the app store, as there are also other games that can be played to unwind. Casinos have become extremely popular, with online gambling very much on the rise. Animal lovers will be able to find the best experience with the Nirvana online casino slot.

The game will be available with the leading casinos on mobile, and they typically have dedicated apps to ensure the best possible playing experience. The game itself is a five-reel and three-slot game, where players will need to match the correct combinations of animals in order to achieve returns. This title is developed by Yggdrasil, which ensures that players will have an optimal experience.

Crossy Road

Mobile games are often determined by how long they can keep a player engaged, and it’s hard to imagine any other game becoming as addictive as Crossy Road. Players will immediately be hooked on this game from their very first try, as they look to successfully navigate a chicken from one side of the road to the other.

The aim of the game is to avoid cars and water and make it to the other side to reach the next level. There is more to this game than simply making it to the other side of the road, as you will also be able to unlock more playable characters the further that you get in the game. It will certainly keep you hooked for hours on end.

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