Top 15 Most Expensive Liquors in the World: Behold the most expensive mixed drinks you can get your hands on!

 If you are a liquor fan, even if you aren’t, you probably know that there are some very expensive liquors out there. Just like coffee and tea, for some people, it seemed that alcohol has always been an important part of their lives. This is probably because alcohol is very relaxing and social at the same time. It lowers inhibitions and helps people feel more confident. 

Many think that spending a lot of money on alcohol is ridiculous but I am pretty sure that these top 15 most expensive liquors in the world will set you back a whole lot of cash! The bottles are so rare that only a few hundred exist in the world. 

1. D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme – $44 million

       The Amalfi Limoncello Supreme is an extraordinarily tasty liqueur that connects Naples’ rich history with its present-day traditions. Being the very first expensive liqueur crowned best in Italy.  Liquor experts affirm that D’Amalfi’s excellence has to do with its distinctive blend of lemon peels and infusion of Italian lemons. 

    The marketing experts say that the beautiful bottle design helps as well which has precious and expensive diamonds embedded on its neck and rare-front side of the bottle.

2. Eye of the Dragon Vodka – $5.5 million

Eye of the Dragon Vodka is an upscale vodka that has an incomparable taste that makes it one of the most expensive liquor. Eye of the Dragon Vodka will warm your taste buds on contact.

 It is crisp but smooth. Distinctly citrus and yet balanced. The complexity, flavor, and premium quality are unmatched by any other vodka out there today. 

expensive liquor

3. Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Tequila – $3.5 million

Pasión Azteca, Platinum is the number one brand of tequila in Mexico. It’s not just an ordinary tequila, it’s a “sipping” tequila that should be served chilled and neat or on the rocks. Pasión Azteca, Platinum Tequila, is extremely smooth and 100% Agave Spirit carefully aged for eight to ten months in American oak barrels. 

It has a smooth yet full-body flavor and a pleasant finish. It has a distinct flavor that is sweet but not sugary. Unmistakably tequila, it has a smoky aroma, a syrupy mouthfeel, and a clean finish.

4.Goût de Diamants: $2.07 Million

      The bottles of Goût de Diamant’s expensive liquor seem to stand out from a distance. The glass, the black amber color, and the diamond-shaped logo printed on a gold background create a very striking image.

           Goût de Diamants is a company that produces high-end liquor, which contains a 28-carat diamond at its 13th layer. It is made of a marc of grapes from the Château du Tariquet vineyard, mixed with a marc of Cognac from Grande Champagne. Both marks are mixed with natural ingredients and allowed to age for 18 months in oak barrels.

5. 105-Year-Old Master Of Malt: $1.4 Million

105-year-old Master Of Malt is Britain’s oldest whisky bottler. This rare expensive whisky is the oldest yet to be released by the Master of Malt. MALTS 105-Year-Old blends several single malt whiskies from some of the finest distilleries in Scotland.

 The master blender for this collection of supremely aged whiskies ensured that each of these lovely malts is just as he would have wanted it to be – balanced and easy to drink. With more intense flavor and greater depth than most aged single malt whiskies of comparable age.

6. Macallan Valerio Adami 1926, $1.1 million

The Macallan is a blended scotch aged for at least 15 years in oak barrels. The taste is smooth, spicy, and rich, with a long, lingering aftertaste. Although you’d never guess from the appearance of the 40% alcohol by volume bottle, this single malt whisky is crafted with delicate care from 60 individual casks of casks resting in a specially designed warehouse in Scotland.

7. Macallan Imperiale “M”: $628,205

This new expression, Macallan Imperiale “M”, is a smoky single malt Scotch whisky, with a price to match its exclusivity. It is the most expensive Scotch whisky in our range and this unique blend was created by Excellence Master Distiller Bob Dalgarno to commemorate the 60th anniversary of The Macallan. The intense fruit and smooth, refined character of this rare whisky make it a unique experience. 

8. 1869 Chateau Lafite Rothschild : $328,000

The world’s most expensive wine is 1869 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. This French blend is said to have an amazing bouquet, flavor, and finish. No other wine can compare to its full flavor deliciousness. A liquor with great balance, the palate combines finesse with good structure. Good length with a great harmonious blend of tannins and perfect decantation.

9. Armand de Brignac Midas : $275,000

Quench your thirst for a premium spirit with Armand de Brignac Midas – a limited edition blend of French Rosé wine and Champagne – the first-ever luxury champagne-style bottle, embossed with 23K gold. This iconic bottle is a microcosm of our history and culture at Armand de Brignac – the best from both worlds bound together to create something extraordinary. Sparkling wine from Champagne, blended with our signature rose. The result is a smooth yet powerful whiskey that captures the essence of bling.

10. Nun’s Island, Galway Distillery, 20-Year-Old Pure Pot Still Whiskey: $200,000

  Nun’s Island Distillery, founded in 1996, is located on the remote Nun’s Island in Galway Bay. Nun’s Island Distillery is known for its leading-edge sustainability practices and has received numerous awards for its world-class whiskey. Nun’s Island 20-Year-Old Pure Pot Still Whiskey is produced by blending one of the oldest pot stills in the world with copper that has been continuously seasoned with whiskey since 1827.

11. Dalmore 64 Trinitas Single Malt Whisky: $160,000

A unique whisky, Dalmore 64 Trinitas Single Malt Whisky is a celebration of all the things we value most – outstanding quality, uncompromising craftsmanship, and exceptional value. This rare and exclusive blend of award-winning single malts has been created to be enjoyed in its truest sense – for the one and only you. 

The Dalmore 64 Trinitas Single Malt Whisky is an elegant, rich, robust whisky with a delicate floral fragrance. This Highland single malt was distilled in 1993 and matured in three types of casks; American White Oak, Sherry, and Tuscan oak.

12. Legacy by Angostura Rum: $35,100

 Legacy by Angostura Rum is the world’s most expensive rum. This premium Rum is the latest addition to the Angostura line. Available domestically for the first time, Legacy Rum can trace its roots back more than 200 years. Aged for more than 6 years in charred Kentucky bourbon casks, it delivers an unequaled taste experience.  This rum has a soft texture with notes of orange zest, caramel, and hazelnut.

13. Glenfiddich 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky: $16,000

 Glenfiddich 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the world’s oldest, ultimate rare,  and most collectible single malt Scotch whisky.  It is triple distilled and hand-selects each barrel for exceptional wood interaction, which we believe results in a unique, complex flavor profile. The result is a blend of American and European oak casks that yield a full-bodied, complex, and elegant malt whisky.

14. Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge Eggs: $9,502

  Each Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge Egg is an expensive and limited edition of only eight in the world. The collection features a sterling silver egg that is then hand-painted in a variety of colors by a team of Russian artisans. Each egg contains a bottle of Imperial Collection Vodka, and when opened is complete with a hand-made wooden carrier. Each egg comes with a protective case suitable for display. 15.

15. Watenshi Japanese Angel Gin: $2,700

Watenshi Japanese Angel Gin is the world’s finest liquor made with sake, flavored sake, honeydew melon, and sweet pink guava. Japanese Angel is a Japanese Gin that comes with the essence of Japanese sake and sweet sake. It’s a premium Gin with art quality, balanced flavor, and refreshing acidity. Each bottle of Watenshi is a rare treat with a rich aroma and a smooth finish. When shared, memories are made.

Final Words….

   Liquor lovers enjoy a fine drink just as much as the next person. While most people stick to the basics when it comes to certain liquors, many enjoy experimenting with unique and different types of liquor. While these liquors may taste great, they often come with a very high price tag. Hence, we were introduced to the topmost expensive liquors in the world. 

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