Top 5 Sports Bars in the World

A Sports bar is where sports events are available to watch on several screens at a time. In some countries, a sports bar is known as a Pub. Whichever name it’s known by in your country or location, one thing you find familiar is an ambiance orchestrated mainly by sports lovers and rival team supporters.

People seem to be investing more money into establishing and marketing Sports bars, so the quality of service and aesthetics in design keep improving. However, a world-class sports bar differs from your local bar or viewing center. Aside from the facilities being top-of-the-art, it offers no limitation in screen size. This way, you hardly lose out on any of the actions.

So Are you tired of regular visits to your locals? An experience in a world-class sports bar might be the solution. Even if you do not plan to tour them all, complete information about them is valuable, especially if you are a fan of the top euro sports leagues.

Everywhere in the world, there are fans like you fascinated by these sports, and meeting them at a sports-themed bar can be a whole new experience. Since everyone cannot be at a stadium due to its limited capacity, among other factors, to witness a live game, you get to enjoy the game in a similar setting in a sports bar. Below are the Top 5 Sports Bars in the World:

1. The Bleacher Bar, Boston:

Bleacher is open all year round to sports lovers across the globe. Unlike most others, it offers the unique feature of being located beneath the Red Sox Bleacher Stadium. Based on this strategic position, it gives an overlooking view of the stadium’s live matches when a game is on. So you could cheer for the Red Sox and still catch other sports events in other parts of the world while enjoying the satisfaction of the fantastic side menus and drinks

2. Café Kick, London:

This Sports bar is one of the best in the UK. If you are a football fan visiting London, you should see Cafe Kick. The drink and food with mixed Mediterranean overtones will leave a lasting impression and make you want to visit again. Not forgetting the games that are quite as popular as the place.

3. Cheers Bar, Sydney:

The Cheers Bar is located at 561 George Street, Sydney. It’s a Sports bar with rich history and the latest in-house technology that spans three levels with multiple HD screens. Found in the Central District of Australia, a Sports bar of this caliber you can trust to captivate fans with different sports content, including UFC, Basketball, Football, and a VIP section.

4. Chickie’s & Pete’s, Philadelphia:

Chickie’s & Pete’s is a state art Sports bar in South Philly that can accommodate up to a thousand guests. It boasts an 18-foot large screen plus several other plasma HD Tv. There is also an opportunity to book a private bar that affords you privacy, even in a public space. Based on its location, it’s an ideal place to catch a Philadelphia 76er game, as you get the opportunity to feel at home with a good meal, deals for NBA odds, and show time of an energy-packed game.

5. The Sporting Globe, Melbourne:

Sporting Globe is a fast-growing sports bar in Australia with good deals, a menu, and top-class service not exclusive to Melbourne, as it’s in regular partnership with franchises to promote a global sports bar brand.

While it might be difficult to standardize a criterion in selecting the top sports bars in the world, choosing the countries where the sport is big has made it less subjective.

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