Top Drinking Card Games

Whether you prefer to or not, it’s no doubt that card games are more fun when drinking. So much so, that people have come up with card games specifically to be played while drinking. If you’re of age, and drinking is part of your social schedule, you can play card games to make it more exciting.

So, to help you figure out what you want to start with, we’ve listed three of the best drinking card games out there. They’re not the “fancy” type and don’t worry, they’re definitely not against humanity either. You don’t need a lot of “equipment” to play these games either (Plastic cups, Ping Pong balls, and quarters, e.t.c).

Without further delay, listed below are three of the “Top Drinking Card Games”.

drinking card games

(Note: Drinking game rules, as many cultural rituals surrounding alcohol, vary by geography, personal opinion, and other highly subjective factors.)

#1: Circle of Death

This game’s a bit aggressive seeing as it requires four beers per person, but that something that depends on personal preference. You can tell by the name that to play this game, everyone has to sit in a circle (placing their drink right next to them). The game requires a dealer that the players call “the dealer of death”.

The dealer can be any of the players, and as stated in the rules, you’ll have to drink for five seconds if you call the dealer by a different name (even if it’s his/her actual name). The dealer must distribute the cards face up (the cards, not the dealer) to start the game.

The game includes active cards, a card that matches another card on either side of it in number or suit. A player that has an active card has to drink seconds equivalent to the card’s number, and “dealer of death” is in charge of counting the number of seconds a player consumes, and if the dealer himself/herself is drinking, the players are allowed to count by tapping the table.

#2: F*ck The Dealer

This game requires players to sit around a player with one card dealt with each player, and the first dealer is decided the number of cards (the one with the least amount of cards). The first dealer takes all the cards and shuffles them in a deck.

The game continues with the player to the left of the dealer guessing the top card. If guessed right, the dealer has to take four sips; if guessed incorrectly, the player has to drink the difference between their guess and the card.

For example, if the card is a 9, and the player guesses Queen, the player has to take 3 sips. If the player guesses correctly, the dealer moves on to the next player (to their left), and this keeps going on until the deck is out. The dealer is changed if three persons in a row fail to guess the top card.

#3: Beeramid/Pyramid

With seven cards in the bottom row, and one on the top (the number of cards decreases from the bottom-to-top row by 1), this game requires the dealer to form a pyramid face down on a table. Once the pyramid is completed, the remaining cards are distributed among the players (as evenly as possible).

The players must remember the order of the cards they were given to them in (they have 10 seconds to do so). Once the 10 seconds are over, the dealer turns over the first card of the pyramid (the dealer starts with the bottom row) and calls it out, and if a player has a similar card, they can tell any of the players to drink.

The player who’s told to drink is the victim and can either drink or call out the “accuser’s” bluff. In simple words, a player can bluff about having the called out card, and if the victim questions the card, the accuser has to reveal it to the other players. The accuser has to drink twice if it’s revealed that he was bluffing, but if he does have the card, the victim drinks twice.


Card games bring more excitement to drinking parties or drinking with friends (in general). The rules of the games mentioned above can be changed according to cultures, or personal preference, and you can even play the games without consuming alcohol (replacing it with a “tedious” drink). 

With that out of the way, we hope this article proves interesting, and if you have any further queries, or would like to change/add something to this article, feel free to comment down below! 

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