Fine Italian white wines: the Top 5 you can’t miss

Fine Italian white wines

Italy has what is easily among the biggest selection of wine in the world. There is an extensive collection of different types of white wine and again, even in this category, Italian wines stand out.

Whether you want to enjoy your glass of wine at home, or in the company of friends at your local restaurant or the most unique bars, here is a list of the top 5 white wines you should try.

Fiano, an Italian floral wine

Fiano wine is produced using white-wine grape variety widely in southern Italy, particularly in the hills surrounding Avellino, in Campania. Commonly found as a varietal wine, Fiano is characterized by floral and honeyed notes, spice, and tropical fruit flavors like pineapple.

The Fiano grape is most closely associated with the Campanian DOCG wine of Fiano di Avellino.

On the palate, Fiano has bright acidity and is known to carry a pulpy texture with balanced weight and roundness. You can taste a glass of Fiano with seafood soups. But if you want to get more particular with style, Fiano is best suited to appetizers, salted fish, and spicy rice bowls.

Gavi Wine, the white wine of a princess

Gavi wine was formerly known as Cortese di Gavi. This is because the wine is made exclusively from the Cortese grape. Indeed, Gavi wine ranks high among the very first Italian top wines to gain an international reputation.

People in different settings enjoy the crisp and refreshing wine that is Gavi wine. It’s no doubt one of the best types of white wine and it’s so dry you will be left with a tingle in your mouth after having the wine.

As far as food pairings go, you have quite the range with this Italian wine. Traditionally, Gavi wine was served with vegetable dishes and starters. Grab a bowl of olives and your glass of wine for the most tantalizing experience. You will find that it pairs well with Italian cheeses and so many other kinds of cheeses. Also goes well with white fish and seafood.

Moscato, the sweet white wine from Piedmont

If you are looking for some sweet white wineMoscato is a great pick for you. The signature sweet taste of the wine comes from the fact that the Muscat grapes used to produce the wine have low acidity and some residual sugar. It also has a fragrant aroma and in some Moscatos, you can pick on the Turkish delight, strawberries, and rose petal floral tastes.

No doubt among the best Italian wines, Moscato can be still, sparkling or fortified. It is also worth noting that many Moscatos have a relatively low alcoholic content. Many white wines will have an alcohol percentage of up to 12% while some Moscatos have as little as 5-6 %.

With the exception of the fortified kind, you want your Moscato wine chilled. For a bit of balance, you want to pair your sweet Moscato with foods that are slightly different in flavor. As such, you can never go wrong pairing Moscato wine with salty, sour, and spicy food. You can have the wine alone as an aperitif. It is also great with appetizers and desserts.

Verdicchio, the “verde” Italian wine

No best Italian wines list would be complete without Verdicchio. This original wine from the Marche region of central Italy is a dry white wine and a favorite of many.

This type of white wine has a sweet aroma of apple, pear, peach, and citrus fruits and a subtle oily texture. You will also not miss the greenish tinge of the wine; Verde is Italian for green.

Served on its own, Verdicchio is a great aperitif. It’s also great served alongside savory tarts, pastries, almonds, and quiche. A classic pairing for this white wine is with fish. Another classic pairing is with pasta dishes.

Gewürztraminer, from pink grapes

May be difficult to pronounce, but this white wine will be easy on your taste buds and senses. Its tropical aroma is hard to miss even at the first sniff, and you’d have an easy time identifying the wine for what it is even before tasting it. It also has a distinct rose-gold tint thanks to the pink grapes from which its produced.

The off-dry or semi-dry white wine pairs well with a variety of foods, from spicy foods to cheeses, meats, and vegetarian food. It’s also perfect as a dessert wine, in which case, you’ll do well to serve it with dried fruit and nut, cinnamon, and honey.

You have several reasons to drink more white wine. Why not have the best Italian white wine while at it?

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