Top Tips for Making Your Bar Stand Out

If you are planning to Making your bar, or if your local bar is starting to be overwhelmed by the competition, you must consider some of the ways that you can set your bar apart from the other companies that are working in the bar industry nearby.

So, here are some top tips to help you making your bar stand out this year and beyond. 

Look at Your Branding 

The first step in making your bar you should take is to look at your current branding and see how it could be improved. For instance, to entice customers into your venue, you should try to create a colorful logo and an exciting slogan, and pair this with a vivid brand story that can make your customers feel emotionally attached to your company. You should also make sure that your branding is everywhere that your customers look. For instance, to ensure that your branding is cohesive, you might consider investing in custom hats from, which can be worn by your bar staff at events or can even be given out to your customers when they attend special bar nights. This can then make sure that everyone in your local area gets to hear about your bar simply by noticing the hats that your customers or your employees are wearing. 

Create a Theme 

Rather than simply try to sell your bar as the best bar around by the drinks and food that you have on offer or your venue, you should take this one step further by creating an exciting theme for your bar that can differentiate it from the others. Not only can this help your venue to appeal to different clientele, but it can also ensure that there is not a bar like yours in your local area – or even nationally. To decide on a theme, you might consider opting for one that relates to your local areas, such as a nautical-themed bar for a bar that is located near the ocean, or one that follows a recent trend. You could then incorporate this into every aspect of your bar, from the décor to your cocktail list. 

Host Events 

Instead of simply allowing customers to turn up every night to drink the night away, you should host the occasional event to create buzz and draw more clients in. This can then ensure that going to your bar feels like an occasion and that people opt to visit your bar simply because they will be getting an experience that is not like any other around. You might decide to host quizzes, concerts, open-mic events, or tasting nights. Some bars even host classes where your customers can learn to mix cocktails or cook certain meals themselves, and this can be a great way to get to know your regulars and those who might not have chosen to visit your bar until now. You could even decide to connect your events to the local communities and host events that tie in with what is going on in your area. 


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