Understanding the Role of Pheremones in Your Dating Life

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Even the strong, independent woman in your life wants to feel attractive and desired. We may believe that we are one hundred percent content with our lives, but many of us still try to achieve the perfect look that will land us the best date of our lives.

Some men and women have even gone so far as to consider using their pheromones to attract a new dating partner! Want to learn more about pheromones and how it plays a role in your life? Keep reading to find out how they work and how to increase them for your benefit!

What are Pheremones?

According to Medical News Today, “A pheromone is a chemical that an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species.”

In other words, pheromones help beings communicate with similar species. Animals can warn other animals about approaching danger; they can also use their pheromones to attract a mate and to stake territory.

Not many people know that humans also have pheromones, and many use this knowledge to their advantage.

The Role of Human Pheromones

While there’s not much research into human pheromones, scientists and researchers have much to debate. Many believe that similar to the animal kingdom, people can also secrete scents that can increase their ability to communicate with other people. More specifically, some researchers believe that human pheromones are used to attract sexual partners.

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What is the Connection Between Human Pheromones and Attraction?

It is believed that human pheromones can communicate sexual desire between two people. For example, if a woman is at her most fertile, men may find her more attractive than they once had.

While researchers can notice a clear change in animals’ behavior toward a similar species of pheromone, it is not that way for humans. The reaction is much more subtle if it is there at all.

 Despite not having an abundance of information or concrete facts, many people have found ways to utilize this idea to appear more attractive.

Can You Increase Them Naturally?

If you view human pheromones as having a specific, attractive smell, then yes, you can increase them naturally! One common way that people increase their natural scent is by bathing less. This is not to say that they will not bathe at all, but you can enhance your natural smell by only using fragrance-free soaps and using them only when needed.

Can You Increase Them Artificially?

If you are like many and do not want to give up your daily showers, you can also try to increase a natural scent artificially. This is done through pheromone perfumes and lotions. Many available brands offer perfumes and lotions that claim to enhance pheromones.

Whether you are trying to snag a date or simply trying something new, testing these pheromone theories can’t hurt! Consider using fragrant-free soaps or using pheromone lotions to see if you notice a difference in your life!

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