What are Pacific Beverages? What are the services they offer?

Pacific Beverages Private Limited is the leading distributor of beer and other imported alcoholic beverages in Singapore. The company has numerous collaborations with other businesses and created a high market value globally. They dedicatedly source and bring some exclusive brews of the world into Singapore. 

The primary goal of the company is to provide the best services and products to its customers. They have an inclusive and customer-centric business approach that has helped them to reach the height of success. They have their employees and partners with excellent after-sales and technical support so that the customers are never in trouble. 

pacific beverages

The background of the Pacific Beverages

Pacific Beverages Private Limited was established in 2013 and has been proudly working with multiple companies in order to expand its business in the global market. The company is mainly located in Singapore. It is the leading beverage brand that distributes Spirits, premium & craft beer, RTDs, and wines in Thailand. 

They have many partner companies such as Baladin Brewery, Magic Rock Brewing, Menabrea 1846, Birra Roma, Malfy Gin, And Union, Del Professore Gin & Vermouths, Bellini Cipriani, Coca-Cola, UP Ultimate Province, and many more. 

Some facts about the partners of the Pacific Beverages

  • UP Ultimate Province: This is a wine with an intense and exotic aroma. The estate’s favorite is the UP Rose.
  • Bellini Cipriani: This cocktail was originally created in a bar called Harry’s Bar in Venice. The man behind this awesome creation is Giuseppe Cipriani who made this drink back in 1948. Then this brand keeps the recipe intact with a little addition of fresh white peach and prosecco.
  • Distilleria Quaglia: This brand has a vibe of old wine in a new bottle. This has a mix of modern all traditional elements. The drink is unique and classy.
  • Menabrea: This is the oldest brewery in Italy that has been consistently producing alcoholic beverages since birth. They have been serving for over 150 years now with their own unique recipes.
pacific beverages
  • Birra Roma: This brand receives all the inspiration from the colors and flavors of Rome. They have created malts with zero preservatives along with craft beers.
  • Baladin: This is a brewery in Piozzo where Teo Musso was the master brewer. He started this brewery in 1996. Fortunately, the Italian craft beer movement and the creation of this brewery take place at the same time. 
  • And Union: The Pacific Beverages company had started to collaborate with the small family-run home breweries in Bavaria aiming to create ales and craft lagers. They create Modernist Bavarian craft beer. 

The new ventures and collaborations of the Pacific Beverages

The company Pacific Beverages has recently created a brewery called Bluetongue Brewery in Warnervale, Australia. This is a joint venture of Pacific Beverages and the coca-cola company. 

The initial work of building the company was started back in 2009 and took 18 months to complete the entire construction. So, it was ready by May 2010. They started their production in June 2010 but officially announced their services in November of the same year. The aim and motive behind this joint venture were to come up with sustainable projects. Bluetongue Brewery is created by Pacific Beverages to expand its business perspectives and work with more new and modern ideas. 

The site of this new brewery by the Pacific Beverages

They have built this new brewery on a 10ha land at Warnervale Business Park, close to Wyong. You have to travel 95km north of Sydney. The entire infrastructure with a wastewater treatment plant is there on the site. There is also a beer-tasting and cellar door as well as a visitor center to attract regional tourists. 

The Pacific Beverages plan for sustainable projects through their new brewery

As mentioned earlier, Pacific Beverages has been consistently producing exotic beverages since they were established. They did not stop making beverages but also collaborated with many brands to expand their business aspects and reach the global market. The main motive behind creating this new brewery in Australia is to involve in some sustainable projects to contribute to the earth, the nature. 

pacific beverages

This new brewery in Warnevale has many sustainable features. They mainly work with water and have installed a water recovery plant within the brewery. We all know that massive global warming is rising a water crisis. So this brewery of Pacific Beverages aims to produce reusable water of high quality. 

Along with the water recycling projects, the brewery has also installed an anaerobic methane reactor that helped decrease 15% power consumption. This happens through feeding the methane which is recovered from the anaerobic reactor. 

The brewery uses recycled water for cleaning, gardening, and other household purposes. It is a very remarkable and appreciable job they are doing to serve their customers as well as the earth and its nature. 

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