What are the Nude Beverages?

The ‘Nude Beverages’ is a very popular Canadian RTD or ready-to-drink in the U.S. The company manufactures alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with natural extracts and essence. It provides both sugar and sugar free beverages for its customers. Their products include gin soda, tequila soda, iced tea, and vodka soda; all of these come in different flavors and malts. 

Nude Beverages

An Overview on the Nude Beverages

A couple of Canadian local guys dreamt of achieving something big in life. They had the biggest goal of producing the best alcoholic beverages in the regions of Canada and the U.S. Along with this they also wanted to do something that no one has ever done before. They came up with the idea of sugar free, gluten free, and unsweetened ‘Nude liquor soda’ and it was a hit. They back-to-back produced Nude vodka soda, nude gin, soda, nude tequila soda, and a lot more. The nude beverages are made up of sparkling water, distilled liquor, and the natural extracts and essence of fruits. All these ingredients make the beverages tasty and refreshing. The cocktails are low on carb and have only 100 calories per serving. So, needless to say, it is healthier and safer. 

How did ‘Nude Beverages’ had their growth?

Nude liquor soda was created by the company to add a healthier alternative to their product category. Within four years of their journey, the company became very popular and favorite among the consumers with canned alcoholic beverages. They launched their iced tea in Canada in 2019 which became a hit in the U.S as well. The iced tea category has too many competitors with tea and lemonades in the market. But, it’s the uniqueness that caught all the attention of the consumers. Nude Iced Tea comes in three different flavors like Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, and is available in matte gold cans. 

The ‘Nude Beverages’ conquered the market

In 2017, the company was successful in selling more than 85 million Nude cans since its launch. This is something nobody could ever do in the Canadian market in such a short while. Their most popular beverage the Nude Hard Iced tea is available in most of the big states in the U.S like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. In July 2021, they have made the cocktail available nationwide. The company supports animal welfare and contributes to its fund everywhere. As a result of it, they have their next biggest goal of achieving $1 million by 2023. 

Reasons why the ‘Nude Beverages’ is everyone’s favorite?

The reason behind it being so popular and everyone’s favorite is because of its,

  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Fizz
  • Can quality
  • Alcoholic Strength
  • Smart Packaging.

Let’s discuss some cocktails of the ‘Nude Beverages’

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Nude Beverages’ have invented some very exotic and unique cocktails which are also the healthier alternatives of other alcoholic beverages. The cocktails are made up of fruit extracts and essence along with distilled alcohol and sparkling water. Now let’s see what each of the cocktails has to offer to their consumers.

Nude Beverages
  1. Nude Beverages’ Vodka Soda

The beverage has a sweet aroma of strawberry that might remind you of your childhood flavored toffees. A perfect balance of the soda and the flavor gives the cocktail a subtle kick and makes it delicious. 

  1. Nude Beverages’ hard iced tea;

Undoubtedly this is one of the best creations of the company. The flavored tea with a pinch of lemon makes the drink taste heavenly. This cocktail also has the perfect balance of flavor and fizz.

  1. Nude Beverages’ gin soda

Another very subtle yet refreshing canned cocktail is the Nude Gin Soda. It has a sweet and sour taste with a hint of bitterness. The added flavor and the scent is pretty enticing.

  1. Nude Beverages’ Nutrl vodka soda

This is another very tasty cocktail created by the company. The scent and subtle taste of pomegranate are tempting. The beverage is overall smooth and fizzy with a clear taste of vodka in it.

  1. Nude Beverages’ tequila soda

This is a mixture of a pungent fruity flavor with strong tequila. The cocktail is extremely delicious and can make you tipsy in a while. 

To conclude, the company had a very good PR team to perform successful marketing of the brand. It is needless to say that the ‘Nude Beverages’ has achieved success within a very short span of time which has set an example for the new brands and business minds. They have delivered the best quality products since the beginning of their journey and continue to do so. The company has used social media as their biggest platform of marketing to get the attention of the younger crowd who are more interested in the alcopops or RTDs. And, it’s proven that they have achieved all the goals till today. 

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