History and Services of Paradise Beverages

In 2017 Paradise Beverages turned 60 years old and now it will turn 65 years old in the coming August 2022. It is considered to be one of the leading and most established beverage companies around the Pacific region. The brand was 1st created in Suva, the capital city of Fiji in August 1957. Gradually, the Carpenters Fiji Limited partnered with Carlton & United Breweries and incorporated Carlton Brewery Fiji Limited in November 1957.

Paradise beverages started growing fast

The company started to brew Fiji Bitter in November 1958 which became one of the nation’s favorite beverages. It also introduced the draught beer, locally brewed from January 1959 onwards. So, it’s needless to say that it quickly became the best brewery in Suva.

Innovation has always been a key of Paradise Beverages

The company started with launching bottled draught beers of 750ml quarts which was also dearly called the long necks. They again launch a pint a.k.a Fiji Baby in December 1971. It is very prominent that the company kept on innovating new brews since the beginning of their journey and the success is pretty much well deserved. It started with that one beer, and the Paradise beverages had to never look back and became the pillar of the company. It introduced 16 plus beer brands, RTDs, and spirits in his breweries. 

Paradise Beverages seemed to have never stopped creating

In 1997 Paradise Beverages expanded its business in the western mainlands of Fiji. They purchased the ‘South Seas Brewery’ along with Viti Levu in Lautoka. It kept expanding through the following years, launched Fiji Stout then replaced with Fiji Gold in 1995. They took over Bounty Rum Brand and the South Pacific Distillery. Back then, it was the only commercial distillery located in the South Pacific region.

The new venture of Paradise Beverages

Paradise Beverages again ventured into a new beginning by purchasing Samoa Breweries Limited, located in Apia. Samoa Breweries is the founder manufacturer of Vailima Beer and also manufactures bottles for the brand Coca-Cola. Later in 2005, it got listed in the ‘South Pacific Stock Exchange’. 

Golden anniversary of the Paradise Beverages

Paradise Beverages celebrated its golden anniversary in 2007 by introducing Fiji Premium which caters to the emerging tourist market in the South Pacific region. It also started its import-export business in the same year. The Fiji Tribe RTD range, a vodka-based drink was also launched by them in 2007.  

The Extraordinary Turnover of the Paradise Beverages

In Late 2011, Paradise Beverages got a huge turnover by taking over the Fosters Company. Later they sold it to Coca cola Amatil in 2012 which was the biggest beverage manufacturer in that region. This is when the company was actually renamed Paradise Beverages Fiji Limited. 

Further Innovation by Paradise Beverages

As mentioned earlier, Paradise Beverages never stopped innovating and creating beverages. They introduced an exotic range of flavored rums and other liquors in 2013. They eventually took over Vonu Pure Lager in Nadi. 

Some Exotic brews of  Paradise Beverages 

  • Fifi Bitter- It’s a bitter taste and is full of flavored beer.
  • Fiji Gold- It’s an easy drinking lager with a smooth and creamy texture. It has almost no fizz and calories. It gives a refreshing vibe.
  • Czarina Imperial Vodka
  • Regal Original London Dry Gin
  • Regal Deluxe Whiskey
  • Bati Premium Rum
  • Ratu Premium Aged Rum

Paradise Beverages have a positive contribution to the world

The company believes in sustainability and it is one of their foremost visions. Paradise Beverages have an expert working team who can transfer their visions into the mission. They have focused on the people, their wellbeing, their community, and the environment. In 2020 they have strategized a long-term sustainable business value. They have incorporated broader business ideas and planning to execute them. 

Paradise Beverages Created Inclusive leadership

Paradise beverages have always aimed to create an inclusive leadership culture within their company. According to their vision, the inclusive leadership culture helps motivate the employees to drive more revenues for the business. They prioritize their people and have successfully created a peaceful working environment along with considerations. 

Paradise Beverages is committed to nature

Apart from their people, Paradise Beverages has a huge commitment toward the environment and never failed to fulfill that. They always ensured to leave minimal impact on the nature of their creation but endorsed a positive contribution to it. 

Paradise Beverages looks after their communities

The company works with the regional communities. They make sure that the communities have a collective and sustainable impact in their lives. The company has ensured a basic livelihood to the people of the respective communities and tribes. They believe that moving towards a healthy environment needs the participation of all irrespective of caste, creed, race, and everything. 

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