What is the Westernmost Country in Mainland Europe?

If you’re planning a venture around Europe, exploration will probably be your utmost priority. As such, you’ll want to travel to the extreme points of the continent and mainland to see what splendours they hold. Fortunately for you, geologists have already marked such points around Europe as commemorative signs! In this article, we will accentuate what the country lies in the westernmost part of mainland Europe and how this point was discovered. 

What is the westernmost country in mainland europe?

What is the Westernmost country in Mainland Europe?

In 2017, the Russian Centre for Arctic Research positioned a memorial terrestrial sign leading to the farthest positions in Europe. The crew was composed of missionaries from the public environmental organization, The Green Arctic, scientists from the Arctic Science and Research Centre, young specialists from the Youth Employment Centre, and lead researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The easternmost point of mainland Europe was defined by the geologists from the Geographical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is bordered by the watershed of the Polar Urals in the Arctic part of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, on the perimeter with the Republic of Komi. Andrey Umnikov, the director of the Russian Centre for Arctic Research says that this point can become a prominent tourist attraction in Yamal, particularly because of its distance from society and because the land is rich in natural resources.

Similarly, the southernmost point of mainland Europe was determined to be Punta de Tarifa in Spain, the northernmost point is the Cape Nordkinn in Norway, and the westernmost point is Cabo da Roca in Portugal. This project for exploration was an initiative of the Government of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and will contribute significantly to tourism in the region.

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Cabo Da Roca, also known as Cape Roca, is a cape situated in the westernmost part of mainland Europe and forms the westernmost point of the Sintra mountain range in Portugal. It is located near Azóia, in the city of Sintra, in the southwestern part of the district of Lisbon. Cabo Da Roca was acknowledged by the Romans as “Promontorium Magnum”. It was later known as the “Rock of Lisbon” during the Age of Sail.

Cabo Da Roca is situated in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, 42 kilometres west of the city, of Lisbon, and southwest of the city, of Sintra. It is a combination of sandy beaches and rocky precipices of heights above 100 metres. Near the Cabo Da Roca, you can notice sediments of gabbro-diorite, volcanic breccia, and granite, which tell part of the cape’s past.

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