Why are people still smartphone gaming in 2022?

Whether you’re looking for some humor with a wacky game of Exploding Kittens or you prefer a strategic game of Hearthstone, smartphone gaming options are vast in 2021. Mobile gaming has never been in such a good position, with new and improved creations regularly coming our way in recent times.

smartphone gaming
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Innovation has been dramatic in this space as more and more of us become attached to the sophisticated smartphones of today. Gone are the days when we would access Snake and Tetris on chunky, heavy Nokia devices. Nowadays, we are treated to more advanced mobile phone devices than we have ever known before. The improvements made have been so impressive that many people now class their smartphones as fashion accessories, too. Then you have the more advanced graphics and additional accessories, which have elevated the all-around gaming experience on a smartphone to a whole new level.

Smartphone gaming is booming. This all comes despite the release of new consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the availability of other handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. The community of mobile phone gamers is growing on a daily basis, too. But why? What is the appeal of gaming on a smartphone in 2021?

Gaming on the go

We all have access to our smartphones as we carry on with our daily lives, which has, in turn, played a huge part in the overall rise of mobile gaming. Similarly, we can pick up and put down our social media platforms or eBay searches; we can do the same with many of the gaming options on mobile. Whether you’re catching Pokemon on your morning commute to work or settling down for an online gaming session at www.mansioncasino.com/ca/live, it requires little hassle, and the games are generally fun and easy to play. Console gaming, on the other hand, takes far more time and attention. The games are also generally more detailed and, therefore, harder to master, which can put casual gamers off. Smartphone gamers have a wide variety of games accessible at the touch of a button, games can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, and there is a creation out there for everyone. From puzzle releases to shooters, the smartphone gaming options are comprehensive, and they require far less of a commitment.

Console-quality titles

Due to the ongoing improvements made with our smartphones, game developers are able to bring us better releases than ever before. We have seen the emergence of virtual reality gaming, coupled with augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go and The Walking Dead: Our World. There has also been an ongoing trend of developers taking the time to release the PC and console versions of games at the same time as the mobile version of games, highlighting the influence mobile gaming has had on the overall gaming scene and the impactful progress it is now making. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and FIFA have made a successful transition over to mobile, and several other console classics are expected to follow.

smartphone gaming
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Cheap and free games

Console gaming isn’t cheap, particularly when compared to gaming on a smartphone. A console alone isn’t kind on the wallet, and then you have the games that accompany it, alongside any additional accessories or in-game purchases that need to be made. Console gaming certainly isn’t affordable to all. Smartphone gaming, on the other hand, is either completely free or very cheap. All you need is access to AppStore or Google Play, and you can download shedloads of games before deciding on the ideal release for you, all without spending a penny.

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