Why are Rolex so Expensive?

Rolex is one of the world’s watch brands full of luxury, prestige, and they are recognized anywhere in the world. The timepiece brand is not only a jewel; the luxury swiss brand functions elegantly. But why is Rolex so expensive? Because of their high prices, they are exclusive for a particular class of people. 

A watch is supposed to tell the time, but Rolex has more functions. For example, the Rolex Submariner which was used in the James Bond spy movies. The watch is exquisitely assembled and tested to pass all challenges without fail. Besides the famous brand name, producing these elegant watches takes a lot of time and master craftsmanship to put it together. 


Let’s break down all possible reasons for Rolex intricacies that justify the price. Hopefully, by the time this post is conclusive, you will have several reasons why the watch is so expensive.

Why are Rolex so expensive?

Rolex watches are different, and their prices vary by model and collection. The swiss brand would love everyone to own one of their exclusive timepieces but the resources used, craftsmanship and production kind of limits that possibility. Considering these factors, Rolex high prices can be justified. 

In 2018, an auction group auctioned Dalton’s Rolex 16610 a submariner between $80,000 and $120,000 in Birmingham. Most top Rolex watches have prices close to the Rolex 16610. You can also get a Rolex Oyster for $3,000. 

Use of 904 L Steel

Rolex watches stand out from the crowd by their classic luxurious design. The watches are made from quality stainless steel 904 L which is more robust and shinier than the usual steel commonly used to make other watches. Besides being expensive, 904 L stainless steel is hard to make and is referred to as corrosion-resistant and Rolex started using the metal in 2003.

All Rolex watches are made in-house, by professionals with tools and machines that produce the 904 L stainless steel. The steel is hard to manufacture, and it takes special skills, extra work and machinery. The 904 L does not come cheap, and in the watch industry, only Rolex is using it while other watchmakers rely on 316 L.

Designing a Rolex is Expensive

Watchmaking is quite demanding, and Rolex luxury design is an excellent example of a job well done. The development costs, assembling the watch parts and the materials used to make the watch are also quite expensive. The internal Research and Development department(R&D) is where researchers and scientists put their brains together to produce Rolex watches. 


Rolex has labs for all functions that are well equipped with professional facilities. A lot of time and energy is spent to produce efficient pieces and employing new techniques to stay ahead in the market. They use highly sophisticated and sensitive electron microscopes and gas spectrometers to assemble the tiny pieces and a stress room where individual parts are put to the test. 

The company has the best team in the labs, which includes highly qualified scientists and researchers for the chemistry lab to research on oils and lubricants used by their machines. 


As the best watch brand with very high demand, Rolex has invested in machines and robots. The robots are in the master supply room, to carry out the repetitive works such as packaging, retrieving trays with parts, or completing the assembling process. Also, they are in the initial stages of polishing the watches. Then humans take over. 

Mechanical watch movements are not easy to make, considering the tiny parts that make up the watch. Any slight mistake means failure, so professionals must do assembling with the right machinery and qualification. The watches are made in Switzerland hence the high cost in manufacturing.

Water Impermeability Test

Rolex watches are impermeable, and some are water-resistant up to 300 meters. All Rolex dive watches are tested under pressurized tanks as a confirmation then later in real water. Rolex Deepsea watches are tested in a high-pressure water tank that is specially developed for the purpose through COMEX.

Qualified Gemologists

Presenting top-notch luxury watches to consumers is a commitment Rolex uses assisted by a team of gemologists. The specialists purchase, test, and set the precious materials and stones like gold and diamond on different models. Traditional jewellers are also part of the team to help in hand-picking and hand-setting the precious stones.


Gold Production 

Rolex is the only watchmaker who produces their gold, explaining why some watch models feature as the most expensive. This is why some gold models feature on lists of the most expensive watches. They refine 24K gold into 18K yellow, white, or Everose gold to use on their products.


Rolex stands out for high-quality, authenticity, elegance, and accuracy. Anyone interested in having a deluxe shine on their wrist without minding the cost, then a Rolex watch is your fit. 

Hopefully, the question, why are Rolex so expensive is now answered. Considering all facts listed above, it takes a whole year to manufacture a new collection of the Rolex brand with perfection in every step.

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