Why Megan Thee Stallion Partnered with Fashion Nova to Make Clothes for People with Bodies Like Hers

Megan Thee Stallion Partnered with Fashion Nova

Perhaps you’ve caught on to the viral Tik Tok trend the #SavageChallenge, or you’ve seen viral videos of Meg freestyle rapping circulating the Internet, but either way—this year is big for Megan Thee Stallion. 2020 has been an impressively productive year for the ultra-successful rapper, whose sex-positive rhymes and effortless flow have gained mainstream popularity since 2018. 

Having just recently signed a management deal with Roc Nation in the fall of 2019, Megan’s success seems to be accelerating with each passing month. By the time her NPR Tiny Desk concert was released in December 2019, Megan Thee Stallion had become a household name. In March, she dropped her third EP, entitled Suga, which debuted at the #10 spot on the Billboard 200.

The album received critical acclaim for her sense of navigating nostalgic beats and vulnerability about her sudden introduction to fame, but her success doesn’t stop there. She’s achieved a variety of personal goals, including a collaboration with musical legend Beyoncé.  Meghan has long spoken of her admiration for Beyoncé, who shares a hometown of Houston, Texas with the rapper.

She’s noted Beyoncé as her dream collaboration in several red carpet interviews, and this year, the two queens of the hot girl universe graced us with the “Savage Remix feat. Beyoncé”, which exploded yet again on the social platform Tik Tok. Between Beyoncé’s melodic prowess and Megan’s authoritative rapping, we couldn’t ask for a better song to practice our solo dancing skills.

And yet, Megan Thee Stallion has not only risen to the status of rap’s favorite self-proclaimed Head Hot Girl, but now, she’s collaborating with one of the world’s biggest brands on an affordable and size-inclusive denim line.

Fashion Nova, an online clothing store headed by CEO Richard Saghian, that carries an impressive selection of flattering clothes on a budget, is a favorite of celebrities and influencers worldwide. Starting in 2006, Fashion Nova skyrocketed in popularity among social media influencers in 2017, and the brand was the most searched online store in 2018. Having launched clothing lines with fellow rap superstar Cardi B, Fashion Nova has a history of collaborating with the most dominant women in hip-hop. 

Meghan hasn’t been shy about her affection for the brand, often posting in athleisure sets and curve-hugging dresses for Fashion Nova on Instagram. However, to Meghan’s fans’ surprise and delight, an Instagram post on April 23rd alluded to a budding partnership between the two.

Looking gorgeous in a pair of mid-wash hip-hugging jeans, Meghan simply captioned the post, “That quarantine 15 @fashionnova”. Fans raved over the pants in the comments, prompting one Instagram user to inquire what size Megan wore in Fashion Nova jeans.

She responded, “Sometimes I wear an 11 and their jeans always fit my butt perfectly but it’s really a gamble with the length, lol. When the world goes back to normal I’m working with them to make longer jeans for us tall girls”, Megan replied. 

Fans were elated to hear of the partnership, inciting a flood of support from fellow tall girls. One Instagram user replied, “OUUU YES! Tall girls need love too!” Another remarked, “yesssssss. I’m 6’1” and I definitely need some long Fashion Nova Jeans!

Excited for you!” One excited Instagram user remarked, “if anyone can get brands to make tall sizes, @theestallion can!!!!”

For many, it seems as though Megan and Fashion Nova are a match made in heaven. Megan’s stage name “Megan Thee Stallion” is derived from a piece of Southern slang that alludes to tall women with curvy legs as “stallions”. Megan’s strong identification with her body is a central figure in her music, and her consistent confidence in her sexuality is what has given her a unique and lasting voice in the industry.

Inspired by the rawness of rappers like Lil Kim, Pimp C, and Lil Wayne, Megan’s pride is a symbol of sexually-empowered womanhood. Megan raps of her love for her figure and believes strongly in empowering other women to embrace their own unique shape.

Megan has long been praised for her ability to pen and deliver sexually-driven lyrics in a way that has historically been limited to male interpretations. And yet, she says, rapping candidly about her body and pleasure is a way of owning her personal relationship with her sexuality. Her lyrics and an amazingly fitting pair of jeans—well, they just go together.

Fashion Nova has been consistently expanding its size range since the launch of its e-commerce operation in 2013. In 2016, Fashion Nova launched Fashion Nova Curve as a complete expansion of their plus size options. Following suit with these brand extensions towards a wider range of sizes, a denim line for tall women seems like perfect timing. 

As Megan noted, often there aren’t jeans long enough for women of her stature, and Fashion Nova intends to remedy that in a stylish, cost-effective way. Fashion Nova thrives off of the idea that you don’t need to drain your bank account to own clothes that make you feel sexy and comfortable with yourself— two traits Megan clearly believes in the importance of.

Fashion Nova has found a special spokesperson in Megan, whose empowered and hard-hitting lyrics work in perfect harmony with her poised demeanor outside of rap. And yet, this couldn’t be more appropriate for a booming clothing business with options for both day and night in all sizes. 

Fans worldwide are dying to see what the new collection will have in store for them, but will have to wait on an official launch date. As for now, all they can do is anxiously await the arrival of Megan’s Fashion Nova denim line, which will undoubtedly give fellow “stallions” some amazing new denim options to rock.

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