You Will Never Drink Budweiser After This

Budweiser has always been notorious for having a taste similar to urine; it sure does appear like urine. However, the Twitter community has been going insane over some articles that were going around the internet of a Budweiser worker urinating inside the beverage containers for 12 years now. In only a matter of minutes, this news spread like wildfire around the internet.

Beer fanatics across the world are traumatized, to say the least. And, why wouldn’t they be? Imagine someone urinating inside your beverage! Yes, not a pleasant experience! The article also cited Walter with the statement;

“Is like Russian Roulette, sometimes when I am with my friends, and they ask for Budweiser, I blush and say to myself, poor guys.”

Obviously, this news should be taken with a grain of salt, as it does come from the internet and not from a renowned source either. In this article, we will explain what this news is and whether or not it can be trusted. And, if you should stop drinking your cherished Budweiser beer or not.

Never drink Budweiser

What Is The Truth About Budweiser?

After many consumers took to Twitter to express their opinions on this matter, we went to the article to conduct some research. And, what we found is certainly not what it seems! This “news” was distributed by a satire website that did mention at the end of their article that the claims were bogus. It seems that many users misinterpreted the motive of the website, which obviously states;

“This website is a humorous page whose sole purpose is entertainment. The content of Foolish Humor is fiction and does not correspond to reality.”

So, the news about the Budweiser workers urinating in the beverage containers is obviously fake. However, the name of the company has still been tarnished. Even though the website had no intention of actually victimizing the trademark, many consumers that did not understand the sarcasm stopped consuming Budweiser.

Twitter has become crowded with memes from users that misinterpreted the article. Nevertheless, you can still relish your beloved Budweiser beer. And, this just comes as another example of never believing anything that you read online.

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