Everything You Need to Know About Frolic Room: A Historic Cocktail Bar in Los Angeles

Welcome to the long-lasting Frolic Room, an ancient cocktail bar positioned in the coronary heart of Los Angeles, California. Established in the early 1930s, this bar has a wealthy history intertwined with Hollywood’s golden age and prohibition technology. This weblog will take you on an adventure through time, providing you with all the information you need to recognize this mythical status quo, its records, its offerings, and the famous personalities associated with it. Join us as we discover the charming story of the Frolic Room!

The Origins of Frolic Room

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Early Days as a Speakeasy

While the precise founding date of the Frolic Room is debated, it’s miles extensively believed to have originated as a speakeasy throughout Prohibition technology in the early 1930s. This was a time when the sale of alcoholic liquids became prohibited in the United States, leading to the upward thrust of mystery bars like this bar.

Frolic Room, hidden below the bustling streets of Hollywood, supplied a sanctuary for those who sought to revel in a good drink at some stage in a time while such indulgences were taken into consideration illegal. It changed into a haven for the ones looking to break out of the watchful eyes of law enforcement for the duration of Prohibition.

Going Legit in 1934

In 1934, as Prohibition came to an end, this bar transitioned from being an underground speakeasy to a legitimate established order. This transition marked a considerable shift in its records. No longer forced to perform within the shadows, the bar embraced its newfound legitimacy and started to welcome patrons overtly.

Howard Hughes’ Acquisition

Frolic Room became even more outstanding when legendary aviator and filmmaker Howard Hughes acquired both the Pantages Theater and this bar in 1949. This acquisition introduced a new layer of glamor and intrigue to the Frolic Room’s records. Hughes, recognized for his eccentricity and love for Hollywood, became closely related to the bar and its stories beyond.

The Historic Significance

Prohibition-Era Speakeasy

Frolic Room’s beginnings as a speakeasy make it a dwelling relic of Prohibition technology, providing purchasers a hazard to step back in time and experience the atmosphere of that clandestine period in American records. The dimly lit space, classic cocktails, and vintage decor transport you to technology when revelry becomes a mystery affair.

Hollywood Legends

Over the years, this bar has been a haunt for Hollywood’s elite, which includes mythical figures like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and even the notorious Black Dahlia. These famous visitors have contributed to the bar’s legendary fame. Imagine sipping a martini on the same bar in which Marilyn Monroe may have once sat – the appeal is impossible to resist.

Connections to the Pantages Theater

Frolic Room’s near connection to the historic Pantages Theater round the corner has made it a critical part of Los Angeles’ enjoyment records. The theater has hosted severa famous performances and occasions, with Frolic Room as the go-to spot for pre or submit-display beverages. It’s a lifestyle that continues to this day, as consumers accumulate on the bar to discuss modern-day theater productions.

The Interior and Ambiance

Classic Dive Bar Vibes

Step into this bar, and you will immediately be struck by its conventional dive bar atmosphere. The dimly lit interior, relaxed booths, and warm, inviting atmosphere create a timeless appeal that keeps customers coming back. The darkish wood and antique fixtures create an environment that is nostalgic and welcoming.

Vintage Decor

The walls of Frolic Room are embellished with vintage Hollywood memorabilia, including the bar’s precise man or woman. Old film posters, pics of well-known buyers, and other artifacts from Hollywood’s beyond embellish the space. These decorations function as a testament to the wealthy history of each bar and the surrounding area.

A Hub for Art and Culture

Frolic Room has additionally come to be a hub for local artists and musicians. The walls often function as rotating reveals of art, and tuned performances add creative contact to the bar’s environment. It’s not simply a place for drinks; it’s a place in which creativity and way of life thrive.

Four. The Drink Menu

Signature Cocktails

This bar is renowned for its signature cocktails which have been crafted and perfected over the decades. From traditional martinis to unique concoctions, there is something for each cocktail fanatic. Try the " Frolic Martini," an undying favorite, or discover their menu to discover new favorites that pay homage to the bar’s history.

Mixed Drinks

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In addition to cocktails, the bar gives an impressive array of blended drinks. Bartenders are skilled at mixing up all the classics and catering to personalized possibilities. Whether you select a conventional Old Fashioned or something more adventurous, the bartenders at Frolic Room can craft the correct drink for you.

Draft Beer and More

If cocktails and mixed liquids are not your fashion, this bar has you blanketed with a selection of draft beer and other beverage options. It’s a place in which each person can discover something they love. Pair your drink with some bar snacks, and you’re in for a pleasing night.

Famous Patrons

Frank Sinatra

One of the most well-known patrons of Frolic Room became none other than the " Chairman of the Board; himself, Frank Sinatra. He frequented the bar and even performed there now and then. It’s said that he cherished the intimate and unpretentious surroundings of the bar.

The Black Dahlia

The bar is likewise related to one of the most notorious mysteries in Los Angeles history, the Black Dahlia homicide. Elizabeth Short, the sufferer, turned into remaining visible at this bar earlier than her tragic disappearance. This connection provides an air of mystery to the already intriguing records of the bar.

Bukowski and the Beat Generation

Frolic Room turned into a desired watering hole for the Beat Generation, such as writers like Charles Bukowski. It played a good-sized role in their literary and cultural movement. The bar’s enduring attraction to creative minds is a testament to its precise appeal.

Frolic Room Today

Maintaining Tradition

Yet, this bar maintains its originality by still offering a real dive bar experience despite its fascinating past. The bar has maintained an ambiance and tradition which has endeared it as a popular place for almost a hundred years.

Events and Live Music

This is still an active place in Los Angeles’ culture. The atmosphere is lively at whatever time you are there; for instance, whether attending an art exhibit or a live performance, this place evokes the spirit of Hollywood’s entertainment scene.

Visit in LA

If you’re a historical buff, a cocktail expert or simply looking for an unusual evening in Los Angeles; that is where Frolic Room should be on your itinerary. Here, you don’t just get a drink; it’s all about being engrossed in the fabric of Hollywood at its best.

How to Get There

Location and Address

The Frolic Room is situated at 6245 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. It is located right at the center of Hollywood, thus very easily reachable for the nearby population and guests. Locate the neon sign and the classic facade of a famous landmark known as this place.

Hours of Operation

The bar is open from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM on maximum days, with variations on the weekends. Be positive to test their legit website or name ahead to verify their working hours, as they can alternate seasonally.

Parking Information

Parking alternatives across the Frolic Room encompass avenue parking and nearby lots. Keep in mind that Hollywood may be busy, so it’s an awesome concept to arrive early to secure a parking spot. Valet parking is also to be had for delivery convenience.

Additional Tips:

Before you head out to Frolic Room to revel in its wealthy records and exquisite cocktails, do not forget these additional hints to make your visit even more fun:

  • Arrive Early for a Good Spot: This bar can get busy, specifically on weekends or all through unique events. Arriving early ensures you’ve got your pick out of the best seats and might completely soak within the atmosphere.
  • Cash is King: While Frolic Room gives a unique and authentic experience, it is a coins-handiest bar. Be positive to have some coins reachable to pay for your drinks and any snacks you might want to enjoy.
  • Respect the History: This bar has been a part of Hollywood’s story for almost a century. Take a moment to understand the memorabilia and decor that surrounds you. It’s like stepping into a dwelling museum of Hollywood’s past.
  • Try a Signature Cocktail: Don’t miss the risk to pattern one in every of Frolic Room’s signature cocktails. Ask the bartender for a recommendation or choose a conventional martini. They’ve been perfecting their drinks for many years.
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  • Engage with the Locals: Part of the attraction of this bar is its buyers. Strike up a conversation with fellow traffic or locals who’ve testimonies about the bar. You could analyze a few fascinating tidbits about its history.
  • Check for Special Events: Frolic Room now and then hosts stay-song occasions, art exhibitions, and other unique happenings. Check their website or social media pages to see if there is something greater interesting occurring all through your go-to.
  • Bring an ID: As a part of a responsible alcohol provider, this bar may additionally ask for identification to verify your age. Make sure to have a legitimate ID with you, especially if you plan to revel in alcoholic liquids.
  • Consider a Group Visit: Frolic Room is a first-rate vicinity for a night out with pals or colleagues. The relaxed booths and traditional environment make it ideal for group gatherings. Just be mindful of the space and admire different patrons.
  • Respect the Rules: While the environment can be comfortable, don’t forget that every purchaser is expected to observe the house regulations. These may also encompass no smoking, no excessive noise, and different hints to make certain a pleasing revel for anyone.
  • Plan Your Transportation: If you plan to bask in some cocktails, have a transportation plan in location for buying a home safely. This bar’s place within the coronary heart of Hollywood makes it convenient to use rideshare offerings or public transportation.


Frolic Room isn’t always just a cocktail bar; it’s a residing piece of Los Angeles records. From its speakeasy origins in Prohibition to its affiliation with Hollywood legends, this bar has seen all of it. Whether you are sipping on a classic cocktail, admiring the antique decor, or hoping to get a glimpse of the ghosts of Hollywood beyond, this bar gives a unique and unforgettable experience. So, while you’re in Los Angeles, don’t omit the possibility of stepping lower back in time and immersing yourself in the rich records of Frolic Room. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What are the opening hours of the Frolic Room?

Ans: The Frolic Room usually opens its doors at 4:00 PM and closes at 2:00 AM on most days. However, it’s beneficial to test their official internet site or call beforehand, as their running hours can vary, especially at some stage in weekends and vacations.

Q2: Is this bar a coins-only status quo?

Ans: Yes, this bar operates on a coins-best foundation. Be certain to deliver cash with you when you go. They no longer take delivery of credit or debit playing cards.

Q3: Can I make reservations in the Frolic Room?

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Ans: Frolic Room typically does not take reservations. Seating is generally on a primary-come, first-served foundation. Arriving early permits you to steady a good spot, especially in the course of peak hours.

Q4: Is there a dress code in this bar?

Ans: This bar maintains an informal and relaxed environment, and there isn’t a strict get-dressed code. However, it’s an awesome concept to dress effectively and in a fashion that respects the historical and vintage ambiance of the bar.

Q5: Are there any age regulations for access?

Ans: Frolic Room is a 21-and-over status quo. You will need to provide a valid ID to prove your age, so make certain to convey it to you.

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