How Is Marijuana Changing The Food Industry

The use of cannabis in food is a raging trend today. Many states in the USA have started legalizing cannabis, which has been a boom in its acceptance and widespread use in the food industry. If the dose of medical marijuana is measured and maintained as per guidelines, the chances of any undesirable side effects tend to be minimal.

The world is now a witness to amazing innovations in the food industry, as people are developing greater awareness about the beneficial qualities of medical marijuana.


Let us find out more about how marijuana has transformed the food and beverage industry.

The popularity of cannabis beverages

Beverages are using cannabis products as a component on a large scale these days. Sodas or Cocktails, even in many infusions, cannabis is being used more widely. As of date, 35 states have legalized the use of cannabis on medical grounds, and ten states have legalized its use as a recreational drug. Beverage companies, particularly the major ones, are working to include the component in their drinks as they believe that in the future, demand will skyrocket.

For example, brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Starbucks, have agreed that they are looking closely into the options of infusing cannabis in their drinks, although they have not confirmed any drink as yet. There are reports that a few wine companies are also considering the same. Cannavines, a wine company based out of California, has already released two wines infused with CBD. The wines are called Red Blend x Headband and Chardonnay x Sour Diesel. In Temecula Valley, California, there is a winery that has introduced a wine. It does not have alcohol but contains CBD.

Cannabis cafes and bistros

Cannabis restaurants are also entering the scene slowly but steadily. Places like California and Colorado have seen massive growth in restaurants with this theme. The theme is unique, and it is striking a chord with marijuana connoisseurs. The restaurants offer a pairing that is perfect for the meal that you are having. The marijuana pairing offered often resembles the select wine that you may get in traditional restaurants as an accompaniment.

Lowell Farms cannabis cafe in California is doing this brilliantly. The concept is fresh and captivating. They have employed staff who call themselves budtenders. They help guests in pairing the farm-to-table meal with the most appropriate farm-to-table marijuana accompaniment. This restaurant has become the first of its kind that is fine dining combined with marijuana use.

The legal provisions may be an issue for many restaurants as Proposition 64 may have legalized the use of marijuana, yet consuming the same in public is prohibited. The Lowell cafe, in this regard, enjoys some relaxation because it is in West Hollywood. The vibrant nightlife combined with the relaxed attitude helps the theme set perfectly, and legal provisions may not become an immediate issue for them.

The rise in demand for cannabis chefs

The people who influence the use of cannabis in food are mostly cannabis chefs. They are not just conversant with the food industry, but they also have in-depth knowledge of working with cannabis in many different styles.

As an example, one can talk about Michael Magallanes from San Francisco. He has experience working in many Michelin-starred restaurants. Michael has opened his own business called Opulent Chef recently. The menus in the dinners and cooking workshops that Michael conducts are both cannabis and non-cannabis in nature. His methods of using cannabis in food are novel. He mixes a powder of cannabis in coconut oil and sprinkles the mixture on crackers or vegetables.

He also makes delicious sweet concoctions like cannabis-infused milk spheres, juniper berries, and licorice. Michael knows dosage, and he ensures that the customer informs him upfront about their tolerance levels. Michael prepares the dishes keeping the tolerance levels of the customers in mind, which makes the dining experience extremely personalized. The opulent chef does not allow drinking as they believe that the customers should experience the effects of the THC only to enjoy their dining experience to the fullest.

Mindy Segal is another chef who has vast experience in cooking with cannabis. She lives in Chicago and is a James Beard Award winner. Cookie Love, a bestseller cookbook is written by Mindy. Her cooking experience in some of the top restaurants in Chicago earned her the opportunity to work with an Illinois-based cannabis cultivator called Cresco Labs. With Cresco Labs, she is creating many marijuana edibles like caramels and chocolate brittles.

Final words

The use of marijuana in cooking and food has its positives and negatives. The chefs and cooks are getting a new high not by consuming cannabis but with the opportunity to experiment with new flavors and aromas. On the negative side, as many people believe, there are risks associated with the use of marijuana. Many people may not be willing to experience marijuana-based food owing to these reservations, although acceptance is growing.

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