At What Height Range Would You Consider A ‘Manlet’

Derived from the Latin word, “homunculus”, which means a “small man”, a manlet is a man of short figure. Commonly, a manlet someone that is taller than a midget but shorter than what you what consider as an ordinary person. According to statistics, 94% of the women would straight up refuse to date someone shorter than themselves, which where the slur “manlet” comes from.

In this article, we will describe what a manlet is and what height does he need to be to be considered as one. This article is merely a source of information and we do not intend to offend anyone with it. Obviously, everyone is attractive in their own way!

Do Women Prefer “Manlets”?

In more than 90% of the relationships, the man is taller than the woman. However, this is a result of sexual selection. Usually, women are the ones who choose when it comes to relationships, which where the preference of height performs the foremost part.

A man’s dating magnitude becomes smaller for every inch that he decreases in height. Hence, this makes the dating magnitude of a midget exceptionally small. However, the opposite is true for women! A short woman is considered to be “adorable” and “feminine”, and thus, have more choices in contrast to a man. From a research’s stance, men are not as much selective when it comes to choosing a sexual companion.

What Is A Manlet?

A “manlet” refers to a short man that draws attention away from his short figure by showcasing a muscular form. While there is no accurate source for where this word comes from, most people consider the word as a slur used to make people feel insecure about their short height.

At What Height Range Would You Consider A Manlet?

While the average height varies across the world, the consensus is that a manlet is someone that falls under 5’6”, which is almost 167 cm. Needless to say, this can also be the average height in many countries. So, there’s no set height at what a person is considered as a manlet.

For some people, a manlet is a man that is under 5’10”, or 177.8 cm, or even 6’, or 183 cm. However, this is the average height in North America. Hence, the height at you would consider someone to be a “manlet” is just your perception of what the normal height of a man should be.

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