Exploring the Best Drinking Destinations in Texas

Every year approximately 250 million people visit Texas, either for business or to explore and enjoy everything the Lone Star State has to offer. Although Texas has a reputation for serving up the best margaritas in the country, Texan locals and visitors alike have developed quite a diverse palate when it comes to alcoholic drinks. If you are planning to drink your way through Texas, here are some guidelines on where to find the best wine, beer, and cocktails that your money can buy.

Wine Lovers Head to the Hill Country

If you are looking to spend time in the foremost wine destination in the state(and the second-largest in the entire USA), head on over to Fredericksburg in the heart of the Texas wine country. There are a large number of esteemed wineries in the authentic German community that are definitely worth visiting. Grape Creek Vineyards is well worth a visit and although it is not the perfect place to go if you are into raucous wine parties, it does provide a memorable wine appreciation and exploration experience.  Other must-visit destinations include the Messina Hof Hill Country Winery which sits on approximately 10 acres of prime land, the Chisolm Trail Winery, and the very aptly-named Fat Ass Ranch.

Dallas-Fort Worth Beckons Beer Lovers

If one area of Texas had to be singled out as being the top beer-lovers destination it would have to be the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With over 50 craft breweries, approximately 15 small-batch distilleries, and countless bars, it is no wonder that locals and out-of-state visitors flock here. Where you go to find the best brews in the state depends largely on what your personal preferences are. If you enjoy your IPAs, Turning Point Brewery in Bedford is always a good choice. If a rich stout is your choice of drink, however, Lakewood Brewing may be a better option. You can, of course, visit as many local breweries as you possibly can, including esteemed favorites such as 903 Brewers, ODD Muse Brewing Company, and Armadillo Brewing Company on our itinerary.

Austin has Great Cocktails

Austin is without any doubt one of the most entertaining destinations in the country thanks to its plethora of live music venues and a vibrant food scene that features everything from spicy tacos and finger-licking BBQ to New York-style pizza and freshly-baked kolaches. Austin is also home to a tantalizing array of cocktails that are bound to impress even the fussiest of mixologists.  Finding a good cocktail is not hard in the city with many eating establishments and bars serving up delightful margaritas, Palomas, mojitos, whiskey sours, and Texas Ranch Waters. If you are up for a pub crawl of sorts, start on the east side of Austin and make your way to the North Loop and Rainey Street where you will be met with a curated range of craft cocktails and typical Texan hospitality.

Whether you are a beer drinker or enjoy wine or cocktails more, you will always be spoiled for choice. In fact, Texas has so many outstanding breweries, bars, and other drink-centric establishments that you can design an entire tour around them.

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