Exploring The World’s Most Unique Bars

All themed bars should be thanked for giving first dates something to talk about. There’s no need to worry about awkward pauses when the bar’s Christmas tree is right next to your seats or a ninja is serving your Mai Tai. Even though bars often change their menus and decor according to the seasons or current events, few are stubborn enough to fully commit to them-and still fewer are willing to do something outrageous. But our list presents you with the world’s most unique themed bars.

The Minus 5 Ice Bar, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many unique bars and clubs, but the one on our list is the coolest bar in Las Vegas, literally! The Minus 5 Ice Bar is a must-visit bar if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s one of the few places in Vegas that doesn’t have gambling facilities, but there’s nothing stopping you from using your mobile device to get your gambling fix while you cool off. There are a lot of gambling sites with generous bonus offers that you can take advantage of, such as a no-deposit bonus online. And review sites have a list of the best ones that offer these bonuses from top online casinos, like this one that’s available for African players. They have all the information you need to get started and the games from a real casino, such as table games like roulette and blackjack, as well as a range of slot machines; you can even try out the Penguin Vacation slot machine with your rewards to stay on the theme of the city vibe. During the summer months, Vegas can be scorched by triple-digit temperatures, but the bar stays ice-cold. The front door is stocked with furry coats, parkas, gloves, and hats, so you’ll always be kept warm (well, warm enough!).

Frosty’s, Florida

Frosty’s opened in Orlando in August 2016, determined to bring Christmas cheer to the state all year round. We don’t have to guzzle down Eggnog or Hot Toddys in 80-degree weather to achieve this goal. Christmas decorations at the bar, including the nutcrackers, Yule Log, and strings of Christmas lights, are true to the cold spirit of the season, but the cocktails are much more appropriate for the Florida weather.

Lockhart, Canada

Canadian-based Lockhart operates locations in Montreal and Toronto. Harry Potter is the theme, and it is really impressive. On their “Potions and Elixirs” menu, they offer delicious Harry Potter-inspired drinks like butterbeer.

Bringing the bar to life is the decor. There is a sense of magic about the space created by the old brick detailing and words straight from the novels. The walls are covered in phrases like “mischief managed” and “All was well,” making you feel as if you’re in the books. Those who say magic doesn’t exist haven’t been to Lockhart.

Ninja Akasaka, Japan

There is a ninja-themed bar in Tokyo, Japan, called Ninja Akasaka, which has secret passages, hidden doors, a drawbridge, and ninja waiters who scare the crap out of you in stealthy ninja fashion. There is no shortage of entertainment here, as the ninjas are not only trained to serve and scare you but also to perform magic tricks and other cool demonstrations.

Disaster Cafe, Spain

Ever wonder what it would be like in a natural disaster? Well if so, now you can experience it in a controlled environment at the Disaster Cafe in Lloret de Mar, Spain. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake will strike at the same time you’re having your meal without warning, sure to give you a jolt. Even though a heavier plate is used to ensure your plate doesn’t fly and you remain unharmed, maybe eat dinner quickly just in case!

ABQ, London

If you think of the best Breaking Bad-themed bar, you might think of Albuquerque, not London. However, ABQ is even more amazing than you might think. According to its website, it is the first molecular cocktail bar in the world and the cocktails are definitely worth a try!

You can mix outrageously themed drinks while listening to chill house and hip-hop music all while hazmat suit-wearing employees serve you. In case that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in Breaking Bad, the fact that it’s in an RV will add to the theme. This is the ultimate experience for fans of the AMC series.

Giger Bar, Switzerland

Those who are fans of the Alien film should make time to stop by the Giger Bar. This bar in Chur, Switzerland, honors artist and designer H. R. Giger, whose Lovecraftian style influenced Ridley Scott’s Alien films. The bar builds on Giger’s legacy. Within walking distance of the Giger Museum, the room’s walls, furnishings, and decor have an LV-426 vibe. It feels like Sigourney Weaver or a Xenomorph could appear at any time!

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